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Video Clip of The Week: Westerman, “Outside Sublime”

Adult Contemporary Electronica: Yes, it Exists. This week’s Video Clip comes from Westerman, an artist who’s flown under my radar until the link to his latest single, “Outside Sublime,” arrived in my email box. Lucky me, lucky you!

With a penchant for creating songs that explore and interrogate the nature of personal connection, Westerman’s new visual is a soothing, ethereal look at the fantasy world one escapes to when opening up to another person. Aurally, “Outside Sublime” is not just easy listening, it’s completely effortless. This is the soothing break your mind needs after a long weekend spent holiday shopping and hanging out with your family, trust me.

Director Beatrix Blaise shared a creative insight on how the video for “Outside Sublime” came together: “When I first heard it, I instantly imagined glistening watery scenes, fireflies and some sense of harmonious escape. Out of that came a kind of visceral world, where each thing in it was trying to mirror a human softness and duality.”

“Outside Sublime” can be found on Westerman’s just-released Ark EP, out now on Blue Flowers. Enjoy!


Video Clip of The Week: Owenstone’s “Days Like Smoke”

I’ll tell you what: It’s about his voice. If you can remember back to the days when the radio airwaves were dominated by solid Adult Contemporary Rock that actually rocked and was never easily mistaken for the soundtrack to a commercial for auto insurance, then you’ll probably dig Owenstone. Fronted by remarkably gifted (and, also, hot) vocalist Nathan Owen, this LA-based quintet avoid being pigeonholed by jumping on any current sub-genre bandwagon and just deliver an adhesively melodic song with an accessible message, repeat play appeal and hooks for days. As a wise man once said, they let the Music do the talking. Orchestral touches lift the arrangement but don’t get in the way of the beat. Well done!

We are also fairly crazy about the propulsive and slightly menacing “This Face,” the video for which you can groove on at This Link. Visit Ownestone’s FaceBook page Here. Enjoy!

Owenstone Band

Blake Morgan Debuts New CD at NYC’s The Cutting Room

Blake Morgan Diamonds in the Dark Cover

Armed with only his acoustic guitar and a soaring vocal range, singer/songwriter Blake Morgan celebrated the July 30th release of his latest CD, Diamonds in the Dark, with an engaging set played to a packed house at Manhattan’s Cutting Room. Continue reading Blake Morgan Debuts New CD at NYC’s The Cutting Room