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Hamburger Ankle Socks

Burger Womens Ankle Socks
Your Feet Are…Delicious

You need to own these.

Hamburger Ankle Socks (For the Ladies) Features:

  • 1 Pair of Women’s Ankle Socks with an Attractive Hamburger Design
  • Material: 70% acrylic, 27% polyester, 3% spandex
  • Fits Women’s Shoe Sizes 7 to 10

Get yourself a pair of these Burger Socks, On Sale now for the tiny price of just $3.95 at This Link!

Mirror Shard-Covered Ankle Boot with Hot Pink Fur

Mirror Shard Boot with Pink Fur
Image Source

Not necessarily made for walking, these rad boots are actually a work of art from designer/artist Candace Bahouth. Thanks to Diane (aka “Diaaaahhhnne!”) for the Tip!

Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Pedicure!

Pink Pedicure
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I can’t wait until Summer!