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Happy Posthumous Birthday, Keith Moon

Goodnight, Moon 

Who drummer Keith Moon was born on this day, August 23rd, in 1946. The photo above was taken on the occasion of Keith’s 21st Birthday in 1967. Legend has it that Moon’s birthday party celebration got wildly out of control and, in an trying to avoid the police, Keith climbed into a  Lincoln Continental Limousine (the exact car model is up for debate) and attempted to make a getaway. Unfortunately, in his intoxicated state he released the handbrake, and began rolling towards the pool. Moon simply sat back and waited, as the car crashed through the fence around the pool and into the water. RIP, Keith, you are still missed.

Keith Moon, Gone But Not Forgotten

Keith Moon, drummer for The Who, was born on this day August 23rd in 1946. The video above is a very nice remembrance of Keith. It still breaks my heart to think he left us so soon.

Happy Birthday, Keith Moon!


Jesus God, can you believe this guy was only 32 when he died?! What a crying shame. If Keith had stuck around a few more decades he would have been celebrating a Birthday today, having been born on August 23rd, 1946! Party on, Keith! I’m glad I at least got to see you play drums before you took off!