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Bacon Thing of the Day: Bacon Ice Cream!

Ben & Jerry's Bacon Ice Cream
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The Ben & Jerry’s Bacon Ice Cream carton pictured above may be just a very clever Photoshop job, but Bacon Ice Cream does exist, and you can make some for yourself with the recipe found at This Link!

Obama-inspired Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavor: Yes Pecan!

From Good Magazine: In yet another story of an enterprising business rallying around this exciting moment for our republic, the savvy hippies at Ben and Jerry’s have christened a new flavor for this inaugural month: Yes Pecan! (for those of you who need a little extra help: sounds like “Yes we can”). All January long you can waltz into your neighborhood scoop shop and purchase a cone of this limited edition flavor, which consists of “amber waves of buttery ice cream with roasted non-partisan pecans.” Proceeds from the sale of Yes Pecan! go to the Common Cause Education Fund, which encourages citizen participation in our democracy. Connoisseurs will note that Ben and Jerry’s has a long tradition of distilling our shared cultural experience into delicious ice cream flavors: recall Economic Crunch (1987 stock market crash); Rainforest Crunch (to raise awareness of deforestation); and, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Elton John plays in his 50th state!). Yum, tastes like zeitgeist!

Discontinued Ben & Jerry’s Flavor, Or Band I Found On Myspace: Take the Quiz!

Ben & Jerry's or Myspace Band

If you never have enough trivial, useless knowledge cluttering up your skull, Mental Floss has posted a fun quiz you can take where you have to guess if phrases like “Watermelon Eating Contest” or “Tennessee Mud” are names of discontinued Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors or one of the countless shitty bands on Myspace that just never stop asking to be added to your friends list. Take the Quiz now! (My Score: 70% Correct! I can’t believe how much I rule!)