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Happiness Was Not Part of the Job Description

No Happiness
Photo By Gail

Are you looking around for a new job because you’re unhappy? Make sure your read the job description very carefully next time.

Spotted in the Barnes and Noble Bookstore in Union Square, NYC.

Doughnut Care T-Shirt

Doughnut Care

Doughnut Care, get it? “Do Not Care.” Ha! Buy this sassy shirt for just $19.95 at This Link!

World Cat Day Presents: The Dramatic Cats!


Hey Cat Lovers, Check out this Slide Show of Hilariously Dramatic Cats by clicking This Link! Enjoy!

Tuesday Humor: It’s All About Priorities

He Couldn't Swim Joke
Photographed By Gail at Mary Boone Gallery, 24th Street, Chelsea Gallery District)

“I understand your husband drowned and left you two million dollars. Can you imagine, two million dollars, and he couldn’t even read or write.”

“Yeah,” she said, “and he couldn’t swim, either.”

Richard Prince – Couldn’t Read, Couldn’t Write, Couldn’t Swim, 1989

Get and Share Some Laughs on Buzzlol.com!

iPhone Autocorrect Text Fail

Fans of this Blog know that I search tirelessly for the funniest, most visually absurd photos and jokes on the web, so that I can share them with you. Because that is how I roll. I just stumbled across a funny website that collects Photoshop Fails and assorted hilarious photos on every subject you can imagine – perfect for posting on your FaceBook page – called Buzz LOL, and you should check it out.

The first section I found was the page of hilarious Autocorrect mistakes from iPhone texts (see photo above) that I think many people with iPhones can relate to. The horror, the horror. I never get tired of reading these things!

Photoshop Giant Check Fail
Check the Shadows

Another section that’s completely ridiculous is their page of photos and ads that have been so heinously Photoshopped, you have to wonder at the lack of basic computer skills and limited mental capacity of the person who let that photo hit print. Unbelievable, but you’ve just gotta share!

And you know it’s going to be embarrassing for anyone who recognizes herself as one of the unsuspecting “models” who show up on a page called “Duckface Pictures” – which is just what it sounds like: people making that pouty, puckered “duck face” with their lips when they pose for any picture. That page also reminded me of This Meme that made the rounds few years ago. Mean spirited? Yes! Funny? You Bet!

Buzz LOL, has lots of other funny stuff for hours of time wasting fun. Cruise on over there and download a few fresh photos to post in your FaceBook Newsfeed. I’ll be watching!

Have You Seen The Burrito Unicorn?

Burrito Unicorn
Image Source

Thanks to Naomi M. for the Tip!

How Many Times Has This Happened to You?

Office Window Door

This photo reminds me of the time that Geoffrey walked with full velocity into a glass door at a Chelsea art gallery, because the glass was so clean he thought the door was open. He was uninjured, thank god, but we still talk about it, because it was funny!