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Happy Birthday, Billy Idol!

Billy Idol was born on this day, November 30th in 1955! Above is the non-video for my favorite of all of Billy’s Eighties Monster Hits, “Eyes Without a Face.” Have an awesome Birthday, Billy!

Billy and Gail
Here I am with Billy, a Long, Long Time Ago

The Birth of Joey Ramone Place

On This Date, November 30th In 2003: The corner of Bowery and Second Street in New York City was renamed Joey Ramone Place in honor of the singer of The Ramones who passed away from cancer on April 15th in 2001. The sign is one of the most popular landmarks in NYC for “souvenir seekers,” shall we say. To dissuade those who are light fingered, the sign has been moved to 20 feet above ground level.

Happy 54th Birthday, Billy Idol!

Billy Idol

Former Generation X front man and eternal Punk Rock Poster Boy Billy Idol turns 54 today, having been born on November 30th in 1955! Favorite Billy Idol Quote: “There are no part-time Punks in my band.”

Happy 52nd Birthday, Billy Idol!

Gail! Billy!
Gail and Billy, “Harleys for Hope” MS Fundraiser at NYC’s Harley Davidson Cafe, 1997

Billy Idol is 52 years old today, have been born on November 30th in 1955. Have a Rebellious Birthday, Billy!