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Happy Birthday, Walter Gropius, Founder of the Bauhaus


Walter Gropius, German Architect and founder of the Bauhaus School, was born on this day, May 18th, in 1883. I admit to feeling a special sort of insider kinship with the Bauhaus, not only because I love band that took its name from this forward thinking movement of Architecture and Design, but because I once worked for an architectural firm whose founding partners has previously worked with another great Bauhaus architect, Marcel Breuer. Breuer designed those cool chairs that everybody has in their kitchens.

Happy Birthday Al Jourgensen and John Lennon!!

John Rocks

John Mania!

Today John Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono unveils the John Lennon Imagine Peace Tower in Rekjavik, Iceland on what would have been the late Beatle’s 67th birthday. Happy Birthday, John!

October 9th is also the birthday of one of my very favorite people, Al Jourgensen of Ministry (“Apply directly to the forehead…”). Happy Birthday, Al!

Santa Al!

Happy 4th Birthday to Worleygig.com!

happy 4th birthday image

Today the Staff of Worleygig.com celebrates four fantastic years on the web! Here’s a particularly awesome testimonial that came in a few days ago just to help us mark this great occasion!

“I first made Gail’s acquaintance while I was the managing editor of a small-but- growing music magazine in Philly. One of my duties in this position was to seek, manage and coddle our semi-talented, semi-literate and semi-paid staff of writers and contributors. One day, as I plodded and wept through yet another round of edits of the current month’s crop, I got a call from a fast-talking, but highly personable woman from New York who, for some inscrutable reason, was interested in writing for my crappy rag. She sounded confident and experienced, had a great sense of humor, seemed flexible as an interviewer and, most importantly, lived in New York City.
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Happy Birthday to My Big Sister, Keven!

Felix The Cat
Memories . . .

Today is the birthday of my only sister, whose name happens to be Keven. Normally I would post a photo of the birthday girl, but for some odd reason I have no scanned photos of Keven. Instead I have posted this picture of Felix The Cat, to remind her of how, when I was three or four and too young to read, she would tell my brother and I that it said right there in the pages of the TV Guide that “Felix the Cat is not on today,” so she could watch her soap operas. Keven also turned me on to The Beatles, which makes her the greatest sister ever. I love you, Sis!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Gail Chris and Sean
Chris and Sean Hide Gail Under Their Hair!

It is my Birthday today, so be nice to me!