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Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Wrist Splint

Pink Arm Splint
Photo By Jamie Moroni

I know that my friend Jamie is a great and true friend, because she always thinks of me whenever she sees anything Pink, or anything made with Bacon. This girl knows me well. Recently, Jamie’s Mom had the misfortune to break her wrist and, being the good daughter that she is, Jamie was there to deliver her to the hospital and then back home again. And of course Jamie could not resist sending me a photo of her Mom’s very fashionable Wrist Splint, which, as you can, see is a glorious Hot Pink. Heal now, Jamie’s Mom!

Breaking Bad Coffee Cup Art By Cheeming Boey

Breaking Bad Coffee Cup ArtImage Source

Malaysian artist Cheeming Boey draws intricate and detailed artworks on the exterior of various coffee cups using only a black marker. I especially love this set he did of various characters from Breaking Bad. See more of Boey’s fun art at his daily webcomic I Am Boey.