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Pink Thing of the Day: Pink Assignment

Pink Assignment Logo on Jumpsuit Back

On our way to last night’s opening reception at Bold Hype on West 27th Street, we came upon the collaborative art duo known as Pink Assignment (Mariangeles Soto-Diaz and Claudia Sbrissa) who were putting up an installation of hot pink satin ribbons tied in web-like fashion between the support poles of a sidewalk construction overhang. We stopped to say Hello.

Pink Arrangement Pink Ribbon Public Work

Speaking briefly with Mariangeles – who, dressed in her awesome pink jumpsuit, was super friendly and enthusiastic at the prospect of being the featured Pink Thing of The Day here on The Gig – I learned that Pink Assignment is all about giving public visibility and supporting women’s issues using the language of abstraction. In other words, without getting in anyone’s face. We can get behind that.

Mariangeles and Claudia of Pink Arrangement
Mariangeles and Claudia (In Pink Jumpsuits, Left to Right) are Pink Assignment

The participatory performance/installation using Pink Ribbon along 27th Street was the outdoor portion of the duo’s debut work, Pull Up, taking place at the Soho 20 Chelsea Gallery (547 West 27th St. Suite 301). To culminate the performance, Pink Assignment connected the outside and inside of the gallery by taking a very long pink ribbon line up the staircase, all the way to the gallery on the third floor. The inside of the gallery had a site-specific installation connecting ceiling, floor and walls also using hot pink satin ribbon, creating a three-dimensional maze-like drawing in space. Festive, inviting and political, the ribbon line structures of the project can be interpreted as struggle but negotiated with creative ease, a mode of building and reveling in the complexity of pink. The performance by Pink Assignment is part of the Savoir-Faire 2012 – the fourth annual performance series featuring women artists curated by Soho20 Chelsea Gallery director Jenn Dierdorf.

Pink Assignment Gallery Install
Photo Above Courtesy of Mariangeles Soto-Diaz

Find out more about what’s next for Pink Assignment by visiting Mariangeles’ Website and Claudia’s Website.