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Pink Thing of The Day: L. A. Girl Gel Extreme Shine Nail Polish

la girl gel polish photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

No UV Needed just about says it all when it comes to the fluorescent glow of this Hot Pink Nail Gel from L.A.Girl.  Just sitting in the bottle, it looks like a tiny work of art — and I’m sure it looks great on your nails as well!

Photographed In My Local CVS.

First Mister Softee Cone of the Season!

mr softee cones

You are probably not even going to believe this, but I went outside just now to take a walk to the CVS with my co-worker, Chantale, and when we were walking back to the office there was a Mister Softee truck parked right at the curb! Holy frozen goodness, Batman; there is surely nothing quite like enjoying your first Mister Softee cone of the season while sitting on a sun-warmed park bench, being caressed by the breeze coming off the Hudson. Today is a good day.