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Koreatown Welcomes Bear Donut to The Neighborhood!

bear donut view into shop photo by gail worley
All Photos by Gail

Do you like Donuts? I sure do. It’s always exciting  to find a new  donut shop that’s putting a twist on this classic pastry treat, and the latest to hit the scene is Bear Donut, located in the very fun and trendy neighborhood of Koreatown. I had the pleasure of visiting Bear Donut a few weeks ago and could not have been more impressed. Wait until you see these gorgeous donuts! Continue reading Koreatown Welcomes Bear Donut to The Neighborhood!

It’s Mister Softee Season!

I enjoyed my first official Mister Softee treat of the not-quite-Summer season at the beginning to June, when I visited Little Island Park, and it was delicious! Nothing says summer fun quite like a soft serve ice-cream in a cone or cup (my preference, due to less mess)! Are you a vanilla, a chocolate, or a twist fan? And to dip or not to dip? Answers in the comments, please!

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IKEA’s Swedish Meatballs Lunch: Tasty Treat of The Day!

Ikea Swedish Meatballs

If you’re one of the thousands of avid fans who read this blog religiously, you might recall that in the summer of 2008, Geoffrey and I took an urban field trip to the new Ikea in Redhook, Brooklyn, which opened that June, in order to provide residents of the NYC Metropolitan area with a warehouse-sized shopping facility at which to purchase cheap and interesting furniture and household accessories.

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First Mister Softee Cone of the Season!

mr softee cones

You are probably not even going to believe this, but I went outside just now to take a walk to the CVS with my co-worker, Chantale, and when we were walking back to the office there was a Mister Softee truck parked right at the curb! Holy frozen goodness, Batman; there is surely nothing quite like enjoying your first Mister Softee cone of the season while sitting on a sun-warmed park bench, being caressed by the breeze coming off the Hudson. Today is a good day.