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RIP Japanese Conceptual Artist On Kawara

Wednesday December 12, 1979
Wednesday, Dec. 12, 1979 By On Kawara (Photo By Gail)

I took the above photo during Geoffrey and my most recent visit to the Museum of Modern Art this past Saturday, at which time the artist who painted it, On Kawara, was still very much alive. And now, he’s dead, having passed away on July 10th, 2014 at his home in NYC, at the age of 81. He had a good, long life!

Read about the career and art of On Kawara in the Huffington Post’s excellent Obit, found at This Link.

Celebrate Odd Day On 7-9-11!

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Odd Day is coming tomorrow, Saturday, 7/9/11. Three consecutive odd numbers make up the date only six times in a century. After 7/9/11, only two days remain in this stretch of Odd Days which began with 1/3/5 (January 1, 2005). On Saturday, do something odd in celebration.  Happy Odd Day!

Happy 9-9-9 Day

999 Emergency

Today’s date is kind of special in that it is 09-09-09, and that also goes for places like England, where they run their dates backwards. In honor of said date ,I suggest we all celebrate by playing the records of seminal first wave British Punk band, 999. Favorite 999 Song: “Homicide.”

It Only Happens Once a Century

1234 Clock

Need Alert! As today’s date is 07/08/09, don’t forget that at 12:34 (PM) and 56 seconds it will be 123456789.  Don’t let that special moment pass you by unnoticed!