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Pink Thing of the Day: Pink Lipstick Pen!

Pink Fan Mail

I received fan mail (pictured above) written with a pen that looks like a lipstick, pictured below. Pink Pen, Pink Ink, Pink Love. Oh, the Pinkness.

Thanks to Chris for the Images!

Pink Lipstick Pen

Pink Lipstick Pen

It’s Official, I Rock!

Ringo Starr Will Accept No More Fan Mail!

“Stop With the Fan Mail, Will Ya? Peace Out.”

As much as I love Ringo Starr, everybody knows that the former Beatles’ drummer – despite being one of the wealthiest, most successful and most popular musicians in the history of world – is generally the butt of all Beatles-related jokes. That’s likely due to the widely perpetuated style of humor known as the “Drummer Joke” and the easily-dispelled-but-still-fun myth that the drummer in every band is retarded. We all know that isn’t true, and that the drummer is in fact the most important member of the band. Plus Ringo is actually a bad ass on the kit.

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Covenant House Loves The Worleygig!

Fan Mail from a Nun!

I received this fun letter today from the President of Covenant House, which refers to This Post I composed on New Year’s Eve 2007. Personally, I think it’s completely hilarious given the mean-spiritedness of the post, which calls for the death of people who own car alarms and expresses similar un-PC thoughts and dark desires harbored by me. But hey, Fan Mail is Fan Mail. And getting Fan Mail from a Nun is just awesome!

Gail Receives Email From Tommy Lee!

Tommy lee goes to college

It’s been traumatic enough for me to handle the fact that CBS couldn’t even get their shit together to air a season of either The Amazing Race or Survivor this summer. That’s just plain lazy. But I realized that summer 2005’s TV programming had hit really hit bottom and stared to dig when I found myself tuning in to the premiere of NBC’s Tommy Lee Goes To College this past Tuesday.
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