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Emberify: Why Should Freelance Designers Use Instagram?

instagram for designers
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Instagram is a platform that’s used by many businesses for marketing and advertising purposes. The platform lets them grow a client base, and further bolsters their business by drastically promoting their brand to a large audience. Instagram provides various features such as Posts, Reels, and Stories that you can use to create unique content and impress your audience. Instagram Reels, especially, get more reach, which is why creators use them regularly to promote their content. You can also opt to buy instagram likes and views to boost your Reels organically.
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Video Clip of The Week: Cut Copy, “Free Your Mind”

I love 80s Dance Music as much as anyone, but something I enjoy just slightly more than that is looking at actor Alexander Skarsgard in various states of undress. Cut Copy’s new video for their awesome song, “Free Your Mind” satisfies in both of those categories. In this video, Skarsgard plays an enigmatic spiritual leader, based in a beautiful paradise retreat, who’s guiding a group of followers to ‘free their minds’ in various ways. I love that Cut Copy turn out a transcendent groove while actually remembering to do the song. It is even worth enduring Skarsgard’s bad wig to see him flaunt his shirtless, smoking hot body in a pair of tighty whities. “Free Your Mind” is the title song to Cut Copy’s fourth album, due out November 5th, 2013 on Loma Vista/Modular Records. Enjoy!

skarsgard  free your mind screen shot