Emberify: Why Should Freelance Designers Use Instagram?

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Instagram is a platform that’s used by many businesses for marketing and advertising purposes. The platform lets them grow a client base, and further bolsters their business by drastically promoting their brand to a large audience. Instagram provides various features such as Posts, Reels, and Stories that you can use to create unique content and impress your audience. Instagram Reels, especially, get more reach, which is why creators use them regularly to promote their content. You can also opt to buy instagram likes and views to boost your Reels organically.

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As a freelancer, you need to manage your business and find ways to promote your services. Recently, competition in the field of design has increased, so your work has to be unique and creative for it to sell. By posting on Instagram, you can showcase your talent. In addition, Instagram brings your clients to you instead of spending time searching for them. Here are a few advantages of using Instagram as a freelance designer.

Establishing Your Brand With Instagram Business

 Keep your personal Instagram account separate from your business account. Having a business account reflects the professionalism of your work to your target audience. Remember that the users are interested in your work and would not be interested in personal content. This does not mean that you should keep the account strictly professional, but if you post personal details, keep them limited. Having an Instagram Business account will let you use analytics to see the performance of your content.

Create a logo and name for your business profile to establish yourself as a brand. If you have a website, add the link on your bio to help your audience to find your profile easily and reach out to you.

Creating a Portfolio
For a designer, your portfolio speaks for you. It shows clients the quality of your work and what they can expect from you. Instagram is an ideal platform where you can publish your work on your feed and use it as a portfolio. Many clients ask for the Instagram handles of designers to see their previous works. Furthermore, your Instagram portfolio can attract clients who will want to work with you after visiting your posts. Be sure to add captions that perfectly describe your work to give detailed information. Write an Instagram Bio that tells all about you and your services as an addition to your portfolio.

Getting Better Reach Through Hashtags

Using the right hashtags on Instagram allows others with similar interests to find your profile. Even users who don’t follow your page can reach you with the help of hashtags. You can improve your network and also get content ideas for your niche. Using correct hashtags  will help you reach your target audience and bring more clients to your page.

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Finding Potential Customers

Instagram grows your network by introducing your brand to other businesses. You can easily find potential clients on Instagram by following businesses you are interested in working with. Instagram makes it easy to engage with their content and get them to notice your page. When a client posts about your brand, others who might be interested in your services may also reach out to you,  bringing more clients and a wider audiences to your profile.

Interact With Followers

Instagram allows you to interact with your followers by replying to their comments, re-sharing their videos, and answering their queries. More people will want to follow your profile when they notice that you give value to your audience. Staying engaged will encourage users to be more active on your profile, thereby increasing your brand’s reach. Additionally, you can opt for Emberify to increase engagement on your profile and bring in clients.

Instagram Strategies for Freelance Designers
Here are a few strategies to help freelance designers leverage their content on Instagram.

  • Use Instagram Analytics: Use the Instagram Analytics tool wisely to understand your followers. You can see what type of content they have mainly engaged with and what content didn’t perform as expected. This way, you can know what content to create in the future that will attract your audience.
  • Focus on Your Niche: Sticking to a niche helps clients know your area of expertise. It also allows clients who are interested in that niche to find you.
  • Know What Time Is the Best to Post: Posting at the right time is the trick to getting more views on your content. See when your followers are the most active and what time you get the most engagement on your profile. It helps them view your content at the top of their feed, increasing their chances of noticing your content.
  • Collaborate With Influencers: Influencers are the best promoters on any social media platform. Find an influencer in your niche and collaborate with them to attract more followers to your profile. These account can help your profile go viral simply by tagging you on their profile.
  • Be Consistent: It may take some time to get your bearings on Instagram, but don’t stop posting. When you are consistent, your audience knows they can rely on you. It also proves your authenticity to clients who want to work with you and use your services. Moreover, users only follow accounts that gives them new content regularly. 

Content Ideas for Designers

  • Tutorial content: Many users will aspire to learn how you design. Give your followers tutorials by taking them through all the steps of your design process.
  • Behind the Scenes: Behind the scenes show the time and effort you put into a design. It helps clients and audiences understand that it is a process that requires time. You can also show the difficulties you face while creating a design and how you overcame them.
  • Client Reviews and Testimonials: For freelancers, reviews from other clients are the best way to attract future clients to use your services. Post the reviews of your clients by making videos with them. You can also post the best designs you did for your clients.

Wrapping Up

Instagram has a lot of features to help freelancers. For designers, you can use Instagram to showcase your talent and get clients. Finding the right strategy can easily promote your freelancing services to skyrocket on Instagram. This is what makes Instagram the perfect platform for freelance designers.

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