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The Worley Gig Celebrates Seventeen Sensational Years on The Web!

TWG Birthday Meme

Hey what’s up. Today we are celebrating the 17th Birthday of The Worley Gig, the Blog Of Neat Things that I launched on this very day, June 10th in 2003 – wow!  While many of my peer blogs from back-in-the-day have fallen by the wayside  (RIP: Skulls and Bacon, Modern Urban Living, According2G, etc.) The ‘Gig is surviving and thriving as we adapt to changing times. Another birthday for The Worley Gig gives me pause to discuss what an incredible year it has been for us. Continue reading The Worley Gig Celebrates Seventeen Sensational Years on The Web!

Mix Tape Reaper By Ivan Rodero

Mix Tape ReaperMix Tape Reaper
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Ivan Rodero is an Argentinean graphic artist whose work is lots of fun and reminds me of other contemporary Comic Artists I like, such as Dean “Dino” Haspiel (who created the Worley Gig Avatar you see on the home page) and Carol Lay of The Story Minute. See more of Ivan’s work at This Link.

I Saw Avatar And It Was Pretty Awesome

Avatar Gif
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It’s been pouring down rain all day here in NYC, so I finally succumbed to peer pressure and took myself to a showing of Avatar in 3D at a local theater ($18, please). As much as it pains me to admit, Avatar was a terrific movie experience. At one point during a major battle scene, the 3D was so convincing I instinctively reached up to wipe forest debris from my face. Realistic! Aside from having a great story and special effects from another planet, I understand the film is really pissing off the Right Wing Nut Jobs out there. I am not one to become obsessed with sci-fi/fantasy movies, but that is reason enough to see it as many times as possible! Avatar!

Make Your Own Simpsons’ Character!

Simpsons Gail Avatar
Simpsons Gail Prepares to Order a “Flaming Moe”

The Simpsons Movie opens on Friday of this week, July 27, 2007, and while I doubt I’ll be standing in a line around the block on opening night, I definitely plan to see any movie that has a donut built into its logo. Just to increase the hype around the movie while exponentially lowering office productivity, you can now go to the website, Simpsons Movie DotCom and make your own Simpsons Avatar. Happy fun!