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Paul Barker, Guitarist (Lead Into Gold, formerly of Ministry)

gail and paul barker 2003
Gail and Paul in NYC (2003)

As anyone involved in the arts knows, interviews are a drag/necessity. Why should you explain your art? Even if the interviewer thinks they know you, they don’t. So fuck off. Now consider hours of interviews over days, if on a press junket, or over months squeezed into tight schedules, if on tour. How many ways can you say the same thing? Get me a drink. There are a few interviewers I like talking with. Gail Worley is one of them. She knows how to get the interview to transform into interesting conversation — no mean feat considering the nature of interviews is to talk about yourself and whatever it is you’ve done… pretty boring stuff if you’re already working out the next challenge! She knows your history, has a pretty good grip on the effect of your work, and seems to have angles on why you create that even you haven’t thought of — all of which makes talking about your sorry ass easier. One last comment about Gail, who, by the way, has already slayed everyone — SHE IS INTERVIEWING THE ALICE COOPER BAND! They, with Sly and the Family Stone, were the most important American rock bands in the early ’70s!

Larry Dvoskin, Grammy Nominated Songwriter, Producer and Creator of American Pride

Gail is Rock & Roll personified: sexy, edgy, inspired, unpredictable, radical, hot and moving with the beat of the new generation. When approaching a story, she is a true artist: a craftswoman weaving words, feelings and images which are creative, sexually charged, inspired and touching.

Dennis Dunaway, Bassist, Alice Cooper

The integrity with which Gail conducted our interview assured me that she was genuinely interested in what made our band tick. She already understood that Alice Cooper was a band and had detailed knowledge of our history. She was familiar with album cuts and even knew what basses I played. Her pertinent questions and personable conduct made my answers flow freely and candidly. That level of professionalism surely rings true in all her interviews.

Barrett Martin, Drummer/Composer/Producer

Barrett Martin Press Photo

I’ve done many interviews over the years, with the Screaming Trees, Tuatara, and now as a solo artist. Of all those done here in the US and overseas as well, I can honestly say that a Gail Worley interview is quite possibly the best in the business. Her style of conversation, rather than interrogation, is unique and refreshing. Gail’s research into the background of the artists she interviews is thorough, her questions relevant, and her personality engaging. Interviews are hard work but Gail makes it a very enjoyable experience indeed.

Neal Smith, Drummer, Alice Cooper Band

Alice Cooper Band

On the 8th Day, God said: “Let There Be Rock!” And it was written in Stone: Gail Worley Knows Rock, Gail Worley Is Rock, And Gail Is A World Class, Bad Ass Fantastic Rock Writer.