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Pink Thing of The Day: Abandoned Pink Solo Cup

abandoned pink solo cup photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

Nothings says “The Party’s Over” quite like a Pink Solo Cup that’s been abandoned in the grass by some thoughtless piece  of shit.  The emptiness of your cup is never an excuse for littering. Pick up after yourselves, bitches!

Eye On Design: Botanical Sofa and Side Table By Azuma Makoto

Botanical Sofa and Side Table
All Photos By Gail

Chamber home design boutique and gallery on West 23rd Street is currently hosting a selection of new creations from botanically-minded Japanese artist Azuma Makoto. We especially love this bean-shaped Sofa and Table set covered in vibrant green AstroTurf! Talk about successfully bringing nature indoors!

Botanical Side Table
Botanical Side Table

Botanical Sofa
Botanical Sofa

Each piece has what looks to us like a single, sprouted Leek bulb accent. This makes more sense when you see some of the other objects designed by Makoto, such as an array of crystal glass boxes shaped like seeds, sprouted bulbs suspended in acrylic cubes, and a tabletop collection of fungi dipped in precious metals, all of which are available in the boutique through April 30th, 2016.

Botanical Sofa Detail

Azuma Makoto Signage

Chamber is Located at 515 West 23rd Street, in the Chelsea Gallery District.

Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Golf Ball

Hot PinkGolf Ball
Image Source

Isn’t it beautiful?

Tuesday Humor: If The Lawn Were Emo

I Wish my Lawn Was Emo, so it Would Cut Itself.