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Jimi’s Nightmare Distorted Guitar Sculpture

Jimi’s Nightmare (Distorted Guitar #1) is the first work in sculptor Bruce Gray’s upcoming series of distorted guitars. This sculpture was created from a cut up and reassembled Fender Squire Guitar. Made for The Zimmer Children’s Museum in Los Angeles, it will be featured in the exhibit, Show & Tell: The Art of Harmony. Bruce states that, “I have always found musical instruments to be fascinating, comprised of interesting shapes and very beautiful to look at.

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Happy Birthday, Les Paul!


The Legendary Les Paul, father of the modern, solid body electric guitar and inventor of numerous ground breaking audio recording techniques, turns 94 today, having been born on this day, June 9th, in 1915. Happy Birthday, Les!

This Store Goes to Eleven

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Photographer Glen Scot, who lives in the UK, snapped this photo of a Guitar shop storefront that quite literally advertises what they sell. Brilliant! And the pots go to Eleven!

Gibson Guitar Announces Joan Jett Signature Melody Maker Guitar


Joan Jett with the new Gibson Joan Jett Signature Melody Maker

(Personal aside: I was introduced to Joan Jett once in the upstairs bar / VIP lounge at NYC’s Webster Hall. It was during a press event and Joan was playing a set while also promoting a crappy band on her label (Blackheart Records, yeah I didn’t know she had a record label either) called The Eyeliners. This band sucked more you could even possibly imagine. But anyway, what I recall most about my “Hi, how’s it going” style introduction to Joan was that she was really tiny and pretty, and that she told me that what annoyed her most was always being introduced to people as “Joan Jett” and never just “Joan.” So, keep that in mind in case you ever find yourself in the position to be making introductions between “Joan” and anybody else.) Continue reading Gibson Guitar Announces Joan Jett Signature Melody Maker Guitar