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Eye On Design: James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5

james bond aston martin b5 photo by gail worley
All Photos by Gail

Following author Ian Fleming’s specifications that James Bond drive a gadget-laden, Aston Martin, the Aston Martin DB5 was introduced as James Bond’s first Q Branch-modified vehicle in the film Goldfinger (1964). With its essential, Britishness, bespoke, craftsmanship, and sleek, classic styling, the DB5 was an appropriate fit for the debonair secret agent. Continue reading Eye On Design: James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5

Eye On Design: 2002 Jaguar XKR Convertible From Die Another Day

2002 jaguar xkr convertible photo by gail worley
All Photos By Gail

In the film Die Another Day, an epic car chase between James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) and the diamond-studded henchman Zao (Rick Yune) plays out across a frozen lake and inside the melting Ice palace. Continue reading Eye On Design: 2002 Jaguar XKR Convertible From Die Another Day

Video Clip of The Week: WARGIRL, “How You Feel”

When a song instantly conjures a mental movie, on whose soundtrack it fits perfectly, from the very first time you can hear it, that song possesses a cinematic quality that’s been missing from music since the seventies. Just being serious. The transcendent power of the one-song soundtrack hit me as soon as I watched this week’s video clip, “How You Feel” from the southern California-based, mixed-gender sextet, WARGIRL. Blending sixties psychedelia together with seventies funk until it is oh, so smooth, “How You Feel” could have been lifted from a key scene in almost any early James Bond thriller, or perhaps something a bit more exotic, such as Mario Bava’s Danger: Diabolik. If reading that sentence doesn’t get you excited to hear this band, you are dead from the neck up and there is no hope for you. Visually, the accompanying video is a Mondrian-esque, color-block title sequence to that very same movie in your head. It’s two minutes and thirty-five seconds of pure, cinematic perfection.

Comprised of guitarist Matt Wignall, lead singer Samantha Park, bassist Tamara Raye, keyboardist Enya Preston, and dual percussionists Erick Diego Nieto and Jeff Suri, the various members’ diverse backgrounds allow WARGIRL to effortlessly cross and combine genres. I know it’s often said, but WARGIRL truly is a band that sounds like no other, and that’s a very good thing. “How You Feel” can be found on WARGIRL’s self-titled debut album, which is due out on April 19th, 2019! Enjoy!

Wargirl Album Cover Art

Phil Noto’s 35MM at Bold Hype Gallery

Phil Noto Goldfinger Connery
Gold Girl By Phil Noto (All Photos By Gail)

Bold Hype Gallery’s current exhibit has an easy crossover appeal from art lovers to classic film buffs in Phil Noto’s exciting collection of acrylic on masonite / canvas paintings, entitled 35MM. Here are few of my favorite paintings from the show.

Phil Noto Catherine Deneuve

Leon  ByPhil Noto

Phil Noto Decker from Bladerunner

Phil Noto Roy from Bladerunner

Jack Carter By Phil Noto
Jack Carter

Phil Noto’s 35MM will be on Exhibit through November 10, 2012 at Bold Hype Gallery, 547 W 27th St, 5th floor, New York, NY 10001. Gallery Hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 12:00 Noon – 5:00 PM.
Phil Noto 35 MM Sign

Happy 63rd Birthday, Neal Smith!

Today, Neal Smith, drummer for the original band called Alice Cooper turns 63. Happy Birthday, Neal!