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Bill Bowman, Singer, Songwriter, Rocker

Bill Bowman

“Gail Worley found my music in a stack of crap.”

Why does she take the time to listen to everything she gets and then write about what moves her? Because she cares. She is an experienced music critic / connoisseur driven by her heart! Gail’s honesty and articulate experience can be found in a review of my first album and a bio she wrote about me. Everything Gail writes about, for that matter, has the same honesty, attention and intelligence behind it. The music business is lucky to have someone like Gail in it. She has a real passion for music and a gift to capture it in words. Gail is definitely a chill chaser, but she not only finds them, she documents them! I love you Gail, thanks for helping to put a little rock-n-roll songwriter like me on the map and in the rags!!!

The Blog of Sir Millard Mulch

Sir Millard Mulch’s Tempographical Lexicon!

Now, here’s a guy that knows how to blog on a regular basis.
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Billy Hopeless, Vocalist, Black Halos

As a musician and a music journalist, I’ve been both interviewer and interviewee. For an interview to truly be of any value and interest, I find there must be a bond between the both parties. During my time with the Black Halos, I’ve been lucky enough to be interviewed twice by Gail Worley. I can truly state that she is a Rock ‘N’ Roller in every aspect, and she holds such unbridled passion for the music that I’ve kept the bondage between me and her sticky and tight. Hearts and aces, Gail!

FJ DeSanto, Vocals/Guitar, The Aggression

With her intelligence and passion for all that is music; Gail’s interviews are second to none. Regardless of whether it’s someone whose music I love, or someone I have never heard of, every interview she does is a must read!

Johnny Lokke, Guitarist

While other reviewers offer cookie-cutter copy-and-paste rehashes for their work, Gail Worley is different. Her reviews and interviews are well thought-out and well written. It’s immediately obvious she has actually listened to the music with an open mind, and then honestly gives you her opinions. I only wish more reviewers of independent artists would show the kind of respect and devotion to their craft as Gail does.