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Light Up Eyeball Wine Bottle Stopper

Eyeball Light Up Bottle Stopper

Halloween is coming up in just a few weeks, and I know you have a long list of supplies to buy for all of your partying needs. Here’s one to cross off that list right now: the Eye On You Light Up Eyeball Wine Bottle Stopper. This thing is so cool, why save it for Halloween? Why not make it your every day wine bottle stopper?

Eye On You Features:

  • Metal Bottle Stopper shaped like a Glass Eyeball
  • Eyeball lights up with LED light (battery included)
  • Eyeball comes in three colors: Orange, Green and Blue
  • Fits most wine bottles – rubber ring provides a tight seal
  • Size: 1-1/2″ dia. x 4″

How can you even live without one of these, knowing it will set you back a mere $12.95? Buy yours now at This Link! (Sadly, this item has been discontinued)

Eye On You Eyeball Light Up Bottle Stopper Box

Neat Thing Of The Day: Illuminated Color Changing Drink Coasters!

What does it say about my life’s degree of happening-ness that the high point of my day so far has been discovering these color-changing light-up drink coasters that you can buy online? I am not quite sure how to answer that question, but check these things out! You put a drink on it and it lights up, and then changes color! OMG! Party! I need to own them. Each coaster measures 3 ¾ inches square and sells for $23.95 per set of four. Available to own now by visiting Amazon at This Link.