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Pink Thing Of The Day: Discarded Pink Desk

Discarded Pink Desk
All Photos By Gail

The only reason I happened to walk by this dismantled Pink Desk, abandoned at the curb of an East Village side street waiting to be carried off to the landfill, is that it was a public holiday and I had an appointment with a plate of Perogi at Veselka. If you look closely, you’ll see a pair of horn-shaped protuberances peaking out from behind the drawer, which has been pulled out and laid on the desk surface, and you can extrapolate that this was once a young girl’s Vanity table that is now missing its mirror.

Discarded Pink Desk

I bet it was well-loved by its previous owner. Maybe, after I went on my way, someone picked it up and took it home to make a few repairs and give it a new life. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Desk

Pink 6 Drawer Desk

The coolest thing about this Hot Pink seven-drawer writing desk is that it was refinished from an old-fashioned white desk not unlike one that I had in my bedroom growing up! See the full transformation, with step-by-step directions and cool photos of the post-transformation design set up at a This Link!

Pink Thing of The Day: David’s Desk Birthday Surprise!

David is a good friend of mine from the gig I spend nine hours a day, five days a week at so I can do fun things like eat and have health insurance. David is just so awesome that on his Birthday a few years back, his team surprised him by wrapping his entire desk and computer in pink wrapping paper! Birthday Office Pranks! I forgot I still had this picture on my hard drive and decided it’d make a cool Pink Thing of the Day to entertain you and to honor David for his awesomeness. Surely, you agree.