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Pink Thing of The Day: David’s Desk Birthday Surprise!

David is a good friend of mine from the gig I spend nine hours a day, five days a week at so I can do fun things like eat and have health insurance. David is just so awesome that on his Birthday a few years back, his team surprised him by wrapping his entire desk and computer in pink wrapping paper! Birthday Office Pranks! I forgot I still had this picture on my hard drive and decided it’d make a cool Pink Thing of the Day to entertain you and to honor David for his awesomeness. Surely, you agree.

Pink Apartment Prank

Image Source

While some guy was on vacation in New York, a few of his joker friends covered everything in his apartment with hot pink wrapping paper. I like it! Read the story here.

Pink Kitchen!

Pink Food in Fridge!

It’s Fun To Stay At The…


Everybody loves a Smart Ass, especially me.

Image Courtesy of Ffffound

Now, About That April Fools Day Parade . . .

My Kind of Day

In celebration of one of my very favorite days to play awesome pranks on unsuspecting victims friends, have fun browsing through Museum of Hoaxes Top 100 Best April Fools Day Hoaxes of All Time . My favorites are Burger King’s invention of the “Left-Handed Whopper” and the one where Alabama announces they’ve changed the value of Pi.