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Pink Thing of The Day: Pink “But First, Coffee” Neon Sign

But First Coffee
Photo By Gail

I made the accidental discovery of Posh Pop Bakeshop when I was attracted to the “But, First Coffee” Pink Neon Sign affixed to its rear wall while waiting to enter a restaurant located across the street. Now that’s what I call effective visual marketing! If you look closely, you can see that the bakeshop walls are also covered in tiny, pink plastic roses, for a seductive pink-on-pink glow. It turns out that Posh Pop is a gluten free bakery that does a serious online business, and has just recently opened a brick-and-mortar store located at 192 Bleecker Street, in the heart Greenwich VillageNew York City. The bakery specializes in outrageously creative layer cakes, cheesecakes, brownies, cookies and other decadent baked treats of a truly gourmet caliber. I can recommend the Funfetti Cheesecake Brownie (yes, I just typed that) personally. Find out more about Posh Pop Bakeshop, and order some treats for yourself, at This Link!

Pink Thing of The Day: Gas For Less Neon Sign

Gas For Less Neon Sign
Photo By Gail

Geoffrey and I were on our way to visit the Lincoln Park Zoo when we passed a building with a glass store-front from whose interior a Pink Neon Sign called out to me. The building turned out to be the home of the Chicago History Museum (formerly known as the Chicago Historical Society), and it looked like a pretty cool place. We did not have time for an in-depth visit (next time!), but we did snap a few photos in the lobby, which is alive with a streetscape of illuminated, vintage Chicago signage such as the eight-feet tall Gas for Less sign you see above, as well as a fully refurbished Lowrider Car, which you may see in a future post! Chicago!

Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Neon Kanji

Pink Neon Kanji
Photo By Gail

I was somewhere in the Theater Distract / Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood when I snapped this photo of a Pink Neon Sign outside of a Japanese Restaurant. Because, Pink Thing.

Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Neon Nude

Pink Neon Nude
Photos By Gail

When I’m out in the city window shopping, nothing attracts my attention like the sight of Neon, and Pink Neon, especially. This Pink Neon silhouette of a reclining nude was spotted through the front window (which, as you can see, also features some attract neon signage) of Bulletin boutique on Prince Street in SoHo. Find out more about Bulletin at This Link.

Bulletin Broads
Bulletin is Located at 27 Prince Street in SoHo, NYC.

Pink Thing of The Day: All The Feels Neon Sign

All The Feels Pink Neon Sign
Photo By Gail

Photographed on the west side of Fifth Avenue somewhere between 17th and 19th Streets.

That’s My Trip Group Show at Joshua Liner Gallery

American Flag with Gold Paint
All Photos By Gail

Joshua Liner Gallery is currently hosting a fun group show entitled That’s My Trip, curated by gallery artist Andrew Schoultz. The exhibition features sculpture, installation, painting, and works on paper from Schoultz as well as Claire Colette, Cody Hudson, Francesco Igory Deiana, Hilary Pecis, Libby Black, Louis Schmidt, Matt Gonzalez, Michel Tabori, Patrick Martinez, Ryan Travis Christian, Terry Powers and Timothy Bergstrom.

Patrick Martinez - Bougainvillea Stash Spot
Patrick Martinez, Bougainvillea Stash Spot

According to the exhibit’s Press release, “A series of studio visits in various cities including Berkeley, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco led to Schoultz’s inspiration for That’s My Trip. He explains, “After an artist tells you about themselves and their work, it would end almost every time with the artist saying ‘so that’s my trip.’ I found this an interesting phrase to explain yourself to someone.”

Timothy Bergstrom - Boogie Man( Left), Bad Trip (Right
Timothy Bergstrom, Boogie Man (Left), Bad Trip (Right)

For the curator, the selected artists in That’s My Trip display a plethora of mediums and approaches, but remain connected by the common interest of their surroundings, and lack of separation between their lives and their work. Schoultz adds, “Their art is a portrait of themselves in some way or another.”

Libby Black, Lesbian Art In America
Libby Black, Lesbian Art In America

I am not typically moved by Realist Still Lifes, but I love the above painting by Libby Black, who has several diverse pieces in the show.

Patrick Martinez - You Are Trippin
Patrick Martinez, You Are Trippin’

I also like Patrick Martinez’s use of Pink Neon as a framing devise in his pieces seen in this post.

Ryan Travis Christian - Bringing Home The Mother Load
Ryan Travis Christian, Bringing Home The Mother Load

In case you cannot tell, those are little condoms sitting on the banana.

Matt Gonzalez
Matt Gonzalez, Named On Knees. Found Paper Collage.

Francesco Igory
Francesco Igory Deiana, Untitled. Ballpoint pen on card stock and giclee print.

Libby Black, Taking a Trip, Not Taking a Trip
Libby Black, Taking a Trip, Not Taking a Trip

One of the most eye-catching pieces in the show is Libby Black’s tableau representing a care-free day at the beach, Taking a Trip, Not Taking a Trip (2015). The items in Black’s installation are of personal significance to the artist, connecting her past with the present as the allude to the artist’s annual trips to Florida from an early age. The Publix sun tan lotion, yellow Walkman and the Whitney Houston cassette tape are tangible representations of past memories and treasured possessions. Black’s present is represented by a pair of flip-flops, and a stack of books read and cherished by her. Echoing Schoultz’s perception of the exhibited work as “portraiture,” Black explains, “It’s like a landscape of the real and made up, and also a portrait without the figure.”

That’s My Trip, Curated by Andrew Schoultz, will be on Exhibit through May 2nd, 2015, at Joshua Liner Gallery, Located at 540 West 28th Street, in the Chelsea Gallery District.