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Photos: Lily Pool Terrace at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Top of Terrace
Top of the Terrace, All Photos by Gail

If you are like me, you are trying to cram as much summer fun into the remaining few weeks of summer as possible; and it’s always rewarding to take advantage of the nice weather by spending time outdoors while you can do so wearing as few items of clothing on as possible! Outdoors, yay!

Violet and White Flowers

If you are paying attention to my personal activity schedule, as chronicled on this blog during Summer of Fun 2015, then you might recall that Geoffrey and I went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden earlier in the season, and had just ridiculous amounts of fun. But the garden is very huge and we only managed to see less than half of the grounds before exhaustion set in. So, we had to go back again.

Lily Pool Terrace Signage

One of the areas we had yet to explore is called Lily Pool Terrace, which sounds very posh. As the sign above indicates, the Lily Pool Terrace is home to many shimmering pools and fountains, featuring nearly 100 kinds of sacred lotuses, and hardy and tropical water-lilies which bloom in July, August and September.

Fountain with Atrium

So, you know what that means: if you want to see the Lily Pool Terrace in action, you have to go right now!

Pad with Yellow Flowers

Here are some photos I took, to get you excited!

Lily Pool Terrace

Pad with Red Flowers

We saw lotuses of red, yellow, pink and purple on our visit.

Pool View 2

Pool with Pink Flower
Pds with Purple Flower
Pool View 1

All of the glass buildings you see in these photos have plants in them as well.

Large Lily Pads

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is Located at 150 Eastern Parkway, with entrances also at 455 Flatbush Avenue, and also at 990 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11225. Take the 2 or 3 to Eastern Parkway if that train is near you! Otherwise, get other directions, plus more information to help plan your visit, at This Link!

Lily Pool Terrace



Buddha Statue with Reflecting Pool

Sea Thai Reflecting Pool
Photo By Gail

Sea Thai Restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is the only restaurant I will ever deliberately and of my own free will leave Manhattan to eat at. The food is consistently delicious and, if you forgo the cocktails, you can get out of there for about $20, including tip, which is just unheard of this side of the Bedford Ave. L Stop. But one of my very favorite reasons to dine at Sea is to get a chance to sit in the front of the restaurant by the side of this beautiful and serene reflecting pool. It does not get much more Zen than that, as long at you get there before 9 PM, because that is when the House Music starts.

Junoon Offers Fine Indian Cuisine Amid Understated Elegance

“Passion is no ordinary word,” so musician Graham Parker once mused. In Hindi, the word Junoon means “passion,” so it follows that this restaurant, located just west of the trending Madison Square Park neighborhood, demonstrates passion for creating a memorable dining experience. From the decor to the service and of course, the delicious food, a visit to Junoon means it’s time to relax and indulge all of your senses.

Decorated in a palette of muted earth tones (and featuring, we heard, choice items found in ABC Carpet and Home), two reflecting pools – one taking center stage in the foyer and another adjacent to the dining room (see top photo) – provide additional mood-enhancement to Junoon’s beautiful interior, while a row of intricately carved Indian sandstone panels contribute to the subdued elegance of the open dining space. Ambient noise level is low to moderate, so be assured you should not have any trouble hearing the conversation at your table while being spared from hearing that of those seated near you.

Aromatic Apricot: Best Cocktail of the Summer! (All Food Photos By Anne Raso)

It’s always advisable to sample a restaurant’s signature cocktails and Junoon is no exception to that rule. We enjoyed immensely the Aromatic Apricot, fragrant with muddled cilantro and potent with apricot infused gin, with added refreshing sweetness from a mix of lime simple syrup and lemon juice. This is one of the standout specialty cocktails we have tasted on our many culinary adventures this summer, so be advised that Junoon will be changing from summer to fall cocktails at the end of September, leaving you a very brief window remaining to taste this simply amazing cocktail!

If the grape is what you crave, the restaurant offers wine pairings, priced at $45 and $75, with its tasting menu — with additional wine pairings accommodated upon request. Wine lovers, and especially those wishing to know more about wines, should consider taking advantage of Junoon’s brilliant Sommelier, Robin Lewis. Lewis is so knowledgeable he even related the back story /history on the vineyard which produced the grapes for our dessert wine! His wine selections for each of our set of courses are noted below.

Junoon makes its own paneer, a mild Indian cheese of which we are big fans, so we enthusiastically sampled two paneer appetizers. The Spiced Paneer Salad was an appropriate start to our meal with its spice-studded, seared paneer slices alongside a salad of greens, sweet roasted cherry tomatoes, thinly-sliced radishes and toasted pine nuts ($10).

We also tried the Hyderabadi Patthar Paneer, seasoned with roasted onion chutney (which had a distinctive flavor of sesame), turmeric, mint leaves and lime ($12). Another popular item among the appetizers is the Lahsooni Gobi (translates to Tree of Life): Crispy Cauliflower, lightly quick-fried in a garman masala crust, topped with aromatic and mildly fiery garlic tomato chutney ($12). All three choices are recommended for both Indian Food Fanatics and those seeking an introduction to this exotic and flavorful cuisine.

Crispy Cauliflower

Wine Selection: NV Patagonia Extra Brut (Argentina)

More Food and Photos After The Jump!

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