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Bacon Thing of The Day: Fou Lard Silk Bacon Scarf!

Fou Lard Bacon Scarf
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You know what I just learned? In French, the word Foulard means Silk, but if you divide the word by syllables, you get Fou (Crazy) and Lard (Fat). That is just endless fun, when you consider this is the name of the scarf that looks like a strip of raw Bacon, designed by Swiss artist Natali Luder. This awesome, 100% Silk Crepe De Chine scarf sells for 160 CHF (Swiss Francs) plus shipping (or about $180 Dollars), at This Link.

Bacon Thing of The Day: A Rock That Resembles a Giant Strip of Bacon

Bacon Rock
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Wow, this is pretty amazing, right?

Bacon Thing of the Day: Bacon Planking On a Bunch of Bananas

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I know that “Planking” is so last week, but someone forgot to tell this strip of Bacon.