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Shark Attack Bracelet!

Shark Attack Bracelet
Shark Attack on Your Wrist!

Shark Attack Bracelet by Sophie Sparrow is available from Fancy Dot Com for $30 at This Link!

Breaking Bad Mac Decal

Breaking Bad Mac Decal

This rad decal of Walter White, everyone’s favorite renegade chemist, fits both 13″ and 15″ laptop designs. Available from The Fancy for just $12 at This Link!

Plasma Sphere Nightlight

Plasma Ball Night Light

Talk about an Oh Wow factor! Remember when full-sized, tabletop globe versions of these things were all the rage and everybody had one? I still have mine! I love that someone made a nightlight version, so you can have a mini acid flashback every time you get up at night to use the bathroom!

This vivid nightlight plugs directly into the wall and radiates with swirling colored light. When the switch is turned on and the bulb is touched, the internal currents are guided to fingertips and dramatically twist and undulate around the bulb’s interior. Made of glass, xenon glass, and ABS plastic.


  • Size: 7″x 3″
  • Standard 120V plug in
  • Not compatible with 220

Get yours for just $18 at The Fancy Dot Com!

Lips Wall Decal By Wallflower

Lips Wall Decal by Wallflower

What? WTF? Giant Lips Wall Decal? I want this. I want this on my wall. Buy it now (and buy one for me, while you’re at it) over at The Fancy Dot Com for just $185 at This Link!

Skull Sugar Cubes

Skull Sugar Cubes

These tiny Sugar Cube Skulls are on sale today at The Fancy Dot Com — a website that sells fancy things! — for $15.00 per box. Stock up now for your next Halloween Party!