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Pink Thing Of The Day: Pink Flamingo Slippers

pink flamingo slippers photo by gail worley
Photos By Gail

Ty are best known for their globally-popular line of Beanie Baby plush toys and their big-eyed Beanie spin-offs, so you may be surprised to know that Ty has expanded its world of cuteness to include footwear! Among their wildly squee-worthy line of slippers and slides designed to cover the feet or your equally adorable child, you can now find these plush Flamingo Slippers. So plush, so Pink. They may be designed for children, but I bet I could make them fit me.

pink flamingo slipper photo by gail worley

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Instagram Photo of The Week: Big Eyed Toys By Ty

When you were a kid, did you collect Beanie Babies? I never did, because they were invented when I was well into adulthood, but I still have a small collection of them because people have been giving them to me as gifts for over thirty years. Why, I have no idea. My point is that I have no ocassion to really think of Beanie Babies and their many spin-off plush friends unless I am attending a NY Now gift show, and then I enjoy spending a few minutes in the Ty booth checking out all their crazy new plushies that have huge, oversized  eyes like those paintings by this artist. They all look like they are on acid, which I find creepy. Of course I could not resist snapping a pic of this gigantic, round and very Pink Unicorn. Because, Pink Thing.

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