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KAWS Presents New Sculptures & Paintings at Mary Boone Gallery

Kaws Dual Figure
Along The Way, Wooden Sculpture By Kaws. All Photos By Gail

When you’ve got a big room, you’ve gotta fill it with big art, amiright? So it seems with Mary Boone’s current exhibit featuring two huge sculptures by pop artist KAWS. The sheer scale of these massive wooden figures immediately brought to mind Paul McCarthy’s recent White Snow exhibit at Hauser & Wirth.

Well, you can see by the human persons who would not get out of the way of my shots that both of these imposing sculptures, which depict KAWS’ familiar figure known as Companion, stand at over eighteen feet tall and almost reach the gallery roof! Fun!

At This Time
At This Time

Kaws Red Painting
Going as Friends

In the gallery’s much smaller rear room you can see three new paintings by KAWS, which are highly recognizable as following the artist’s signature style. I love the bold colors and round canvases he used for these paintings!

Kaws Blue Painting
Not Sure What This One is Called, But I Dig It

Kaws Afternoon Delight
Afternoon Delight

This is a fun show!

New Works By KAWS will be on Exhibit at The Mary Boone Gallery, Located at 541 West 24 Street, in the Chelsea Gallery District, through December 21st, 2013.

White Snow By Paul McCarthy

White Snow Sculpture By Paul McCarthy
Photo By Gail

This massive, black walnut wood carved sculpture of what appears to be a mirrored image likeness of Snow White stands about 14 feet tall and can currently be seen on display as part of Paul McCarthy’s Sculptures exhibit at Houser and Wirth’s cavernous new 18th Street space. However, McCarthy calls this character White Snow, since he is riffing on the classic German fairy tale and also the Disney adaption from the late thirties. If you think this is wild, you should see what he does with the dwarves…

Sculptures By Paul McCarthy will be on Exhibit Through June 1st, 2013 at Houser and Wirth, Located at 511 West 18th Street in the Chelsea Gallery District.