The Two Gs Go To Pearl River Mart!

Bargain Hunter’s Paradise

This past weekend, Geoffrey (aka Other G or “OG”) and I went downtown to Pearl River Mart to shop like maniacs. OG has been listening to me rave about Pearl River Mart for over a year and this was his first visit to the wonderful Palace of Asian Delights where I would shop every day if I could. Of course, he fell head-over-heels in love with place right then and there. Because, let’s face it, Pearl River Market is the shit.

We had so much fun I was inspired to create a Top Ten list in tribute to PRM’s greatness. Therefore, I bring you:

Top Ten Things I Love About Shopping at Pearl River Market:

1. PRM is the only place where I will buy incense, because theirs is the best, and it makes the Chickpad smell amazing.


2. For Christmas Tracy bought me a dish towel holder from Pearl River that is shaped like a little kimono. I use it all the time.


3. On the way downstairs they have a waterfall. I wish this waterfall was in my house.

Buddhas Are Us

4. PRM provides one-stop shopping for all your Asian figurine needs.

5. Exotic scented votive candles that smell like rain and weird fruits.

6. It’s a great place to find cheap kitchen gadgets. I got my spring-loaded, fried food tongs there.

An Alternative to Greasy Sunblock

7. These things keep the sun off me.


8. Papier Mache Dragon Heads were a fun addition to the wedding reception of my friends Anina and Mark.

9. Walking practically all the way to Chinatown from 14th Street is a good excuse to stop at Gonzales y Gonzales for a margarita on the way back home from shopping at PRM.

10. Seriously, I do 90% of my gift shopping there and people just go insane over all the cool stuff they get from me. Thank You, Pearl River Mart for making me seem so much cooler than I am.