The Two Gs Go To Pearl River Mart!

Pearl River Mart Old Storefront
Bargain Hunter’s Paradise

This past weekend, Geoffrey (aka Other G or “OG“) and I went downtown to Pearl River Mart to shop like maniacs. OG has been listening to me rave about Pearl River Mart since he was an egg, and this was his first visit to the wonderful Palace of Asian Delights where I would shop every day if I could. Of course, he fell head-over-heels in love with place right then and there. Because, let’s face it, Pearl River Mart is the shit.

We had so much fun I was inspired to create a Top Ten list in tribute to PRM’s greatness. Therefore, I bring you:

Top Ten Things I Love About Shopping at Pearl River Market:

1. PRM is the only place where I will buy incense, because theirs is the best, and it makes the Chickpad smell amazing.

Kimono Top

2. For Christmas, a friend bought me a dish towel holder from Pearl River Mart that is shaped like a little kimono. I use it all the time.


3. On the way downstairs they have a waterfall. I wish this waterfall was in my house.

Pearl River Mart Buddhas
Buddhas Are Us

4. PRM provides one-stop shopping for all your Asian figurine needs.

5. Exotic scented votive candles that smell like rain and weird fruits.

6. It’s a great place to find cheap kitchen gadgets. I got my spring-loaded, fried food tongs there.

An Alternative to Greasy Sunblock

7. These Parasols keep the sun off me so I don’t fry.

Chinese Dragon Head

8. Papier Mache Dragon Heads were a fun addition to the wedding reception of my friends Anina and Mark.

9. Walking practically all the way to Chinatown from 14th Street is a good excuse to stop at Gonzales y Gonzales for a margarita on the way back home from shopping at PRM.

10. Seriously, I do 90% of my gift shopping there and people just go insane over all the cool stuff they get from me. Thank You, Pearl River Mart for making me seem so much cooler than I am.