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Gail and Geoffrey’s Rad Adventure at the Girlie Action Holiday Party!

Well, the Holidaze are officially upon us, and what that means is ‘tis the season to get wasted for free. Yay! NYC-based independent PR firm, Girlie Action (named after a line in the Rolling Stones’ arguably most-famous song, “Satisfaction”) has been representing cutting edge bands, artists and trendy products for as long as I’ve been writing in NYC, so it was nice to be included on the invite list for their holiday party, which took place last night. The location for this seasonal shindig was the Wired pop-up gadget store on Broadway at (positively) Fourth Street: former home to the late, great Tower Records. I haven’t been in that space since Tower was forced out of business a million years ago by people who think all music should be free. With cold beers and salty snacks in hand, Geoffrey and I wandered the three level store – a consumerists’ winter Wonderland of futuristic techno gadgetry and hipster accoutrements – with a mixed sense of awe and nostalgic chagrin. Because, wow, wasn’t Tower Records just the best?

Speaking of hipsters, the place was lousy with them. Fortunately, G and I escaped to the safe haven of the Wired Store’s comparatively empty lower level (once home to CD singles, magazines and classical music) where we dodged the flailing appendages of drunken geeks playing interactive video games, and caught a showing of IMAX: Deep Sea (in 3D!) on Blue Ray, which was just insane. We were also able to snack on a selection of assorted delicious cupcakes courtesy of the Cupcake Corral while enjoying a DJ set by Nomi Ruiz. As we dashed off into the cold night so I could get home in time to watch Top Chef All Stars, I would have to say that our time spent in the Wired Store was a fine, festive kick off to the holiday season. Thanks, Girlie Action!

The Two Gs Go To Pearl River Mart!

Pearl River Mart Old Storefront
Bargain Hunter’s Paradise

This past weekend, Geoffrey (aka Other G or “OG“) and I went downtown to Pearl River Mart to shop like maniacs. OG has been listening to me rave about Pearl River Mart since he was an egg, and this was his first visit to the wonderful Palace of Asian Delights where I would shop every day if I could. Of course, he fell head-over-heels in love with place right then and there. Because, let’s face it, Pearl River Mart is the shit. Continue reading The Two Gs Go To Pearl River Mart!

Gail’s California Christmas Adventure

Gail and Sue
Sue and Gail: Going to the Beach in December is Fun!

I just got back at midnight from six wonderful days in California, where the most excercise I got was shutting the car door and lifting a fork to my mouth! It was sunny and warm every day I was there and I had the chance to visit a bunch of old friends, the kind you only get to see once a year (or less) due to living in different parts of the country. That is always fun, especially when you can reminisce about/make fun of all the losers who graduated high school or college with you and are now fat and divorced with dysfunctional grown kids who still live with them. Good times.

My favorite part of my visit was when my best friend in the Universe, Sue came down from LA to hang out with me at my parent's house for two days so I could maintain my sanity. Sue rocks! Here are some pictures of us at the beach.

Gail at the Beach
This is Me Sitting on a Big Rock

Sue at Laguna
The Tide Washed Over Sue’s Feet Two Seconds After This Photo was Snapped

I have other photos but they are too small to post here, so you will just have to use your imagination.

I hope that all of you had a Rad Chrismas Adventure like I did!