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Video Clip of The Week: James, “Dear John”

Isn’t it fun to discover that a band you loved for a brief period of time, maybe decades ago, is still together and recording songs that are pretty darn good? I love it when that happens. For example, we sure did go crazy go for the the British band James and their fun song, “Laid” (circa 1993, wow, such a long time ago) which was about having great sex at a time when sex was something we were enjoying quite a bit as well. “This Bed is on Fy-yah!” – Yeah, baby! And guess what? James is back with the official video for their new single “Dear John.” The stunning electro-ballad — which is about finding it hard to end relationships — is taken from the band’s current and critically acclaimed studio album titled Girl At The End Of The World, which is out now!

James Dear John Video Still
Still from “Dear John”

Directed by the award-winning animation director Péter Vácz, this beautiful, Tim Burton-esque video blends stop-motion with 2D and 3D animation to craft two deceptively real characters venturing into a mystical forest. James‘ front-man and chief lyricist, Tim Booth explains that the song was, inspired by the age of long term relationships being finished by a text. “A ‘Dear John letter’ was a letter a soldier received at the front from their loved one saying she’d finished with him,” he continues. “James have written songs that get played at weddings and funerals. Now we have made one for your divorce!”

“Dear John” premieres hot on the heels of James‘ storming set at Glastonbury, where the band officially opened the festival a couple of weekends ago, cutting a ribbon with Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis. Woo! Next up: The band will embark on a European festival tour, with dates in Spain, Greece and Portugal, and a co-headline slot at the OnBlackheath Festival in London on September 11th, 2016. Enjoy!

James Album Cover Art



Video Clip of The Week: Ski Lodge, “Does It Bring You Down”

Confession: To me, a band with the name Ski Lodge sounds more like it would be one of those shitty, incessantly whining emo-core bands than a legitimately interesting band whose music indicates a worshiping at the alter of revered ’80s Brit Pop groups like James and The Smiths. Just being serious. Even though the protagonist of this video clip for “Does It Bring You Down” seems to not necessarily be living the most fun life imaginable, watching the video makes me want to ride down PCH in a convertible and then eat a big sandwich. In fact, I am hungry right now.

Another observation: What a remarkably talented rhythm section this band has! Wowy McWow! Also, they are from New York – they are not even British! With Ski Lodge, the surprises just don’t stop coming!

“Does It Bring You Down” can be found on the band’s debut album, Big Heart, which is available now where all fine music is procured. Follow them on the FaceBook at This Link. Enjoy!

Ski Lodge Big Heart Cover Art

Bye Bye, Gravedigger James!

“James, Voted Out At The Lasat Tribal Council and the 4th Member of Our Jury”

Well, wonders really do never cease. I’m not sure how to feel about the Tribal Council results of last night’s Survivor. Am I sad that favored-to-win James was voted out because he was too effing stupid to play one of the two personal Immunity Idols in his possession? Or am I happy that someone who was too stupid to play an Immunity Idol was voted out? Read Televison Without Pity’s recap after the jump.

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