Contemplating the Void at NYC’s Guggenheim Museum

Submission from Anish Kapoor

It really is true that I missed the best New York City weather so far this year during the week I spent vacationing in Chicago. It also seems to be the case that I brought Chicago’s dreary, damp and cold weather back with me (you’re welcome), as yesterday was one of those Saturdays where you can’t help but ask, “How can I manage to leave my house but still spend all day indoors avoiding this crap weather?” You know what I’m talking about. On such a day, Geoffrey and I found ourselves at the marvelous Guggenheim Museum, where there was much arty fabulousness to enjoy for free (thank you, Corporate Membership)!

Submission From Saunders Architecture

As of today you have ten more days to experience Contemplating the Void: Interventions in the Guggenheim Museum, a collective experience were hundreds of artists and architects were invited to re-imagine the central void of the rotunda space within the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed building. What that means basically is a bunch artistically inclined creative thinkers submitted proposals for installations or redesigns to fill the big empty space in the middle of this spiral-shaped building’s interior. For this challenge, you cannot even imagine the fantastic things that some people conjured up in their brains. Honestly, this was the most fun exhibit I’ve seen at the Guggy in the past five years, including Cai Guo-Qiang’s reinacted car bomb explosion from last year. You can see thumbnails of all the proposals at This Link, but if you can make it uptown to Fifth Avenue and 89th Street, you really have to see this exhibit in person. You have until April 28, 2010.

Submission From Ball Nogues Studio

Also on current display at the Guggenheim New York is a wonderful “out of the box thinking” photography/video/performance exhibit called Haunted, which just happens to be the title of my favorite novel by Chuck Palahniuk! The Haunted exhibit was also a lot of fun and very thought provoking. Art! Do pay a visit to the Guggenheim as soon as you can and if it’s a nice day out remember that Central Park is just across the street!

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