RIP Artist Louise Bourgeois

I am very sad to learn that French-born, New York City based artist and sculptor Louise Bourgeois has passed away today from a heart attack at the age of 98, according to NY Times ArtsBeat Blog. Back in 2008, Geoffrey and I were fortunate to see Louise’s amazing career retrospective at the Guggenheim and we were both completely blown away by the breadth and diversity of her work and the magnitude of her talent. What a fantastic lady she must have been to know. At least she had a good, long life and left us a stunning legacy of her life’s work.  Rest in peace Madam.

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  1. Even with a 30 year pause in her “career” she has an amazing legacy…and was a pioneer in many ways, too. Here’s to standing on the shoulders of amazing women, and amazing artists come before us….

    in appreciation to Louise


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