Must See Art: I Need Your Skull!

“Urrrr” By John Russo ($130) (All Photos By Geoffrey Dicker)

Readers who recall the joys of Skull Week, which we celebrated here on the Worley Gig back in October of 2008, know that we love skulls! Right now, Brooklyn’s MF Gallery is featuring a truly unique exhibit called I Need Your Skull and, as you might infer from the title, it is a collection of skull-themed art that will knock your socks off.

“Winged Skull” By Annie Aube ($400)

From Soft, plush skull sculptures that look and feel downright cuddly to needlepoint skulls to wood cuts, triptychs and traditional paintings on canvas, the diversity represented by the 30 plus international artists who contributed to this exhibit surely means there is something for everyone! Since MF’s hours are by appointment only, co-owner Martina Russo, who operates the gallery with her husband Frank (they are both artists) was kind enough to open the gallery on a Sunday afternoon so Geoffrey and I could enjoy the skulls and thus share them with you.

“My Flame Broiled Skull” By Lance Laurie ($350)

All proceeds from the sales of Skull artworks will be going towards purchase of a custom constructed 20 foot tall fiberglass skull, which will adorn the front of the gallery building. I see a ton of contemporary art and I must say that these works are very reasonably priced (most under $500). Please help MF Gallery realize its dream!

Partial Gallery Shot, Click Image to Enlarge

I Need Your Skull will be on display through June 20, 2010 at the MF Gallery, located at 213 Bond Street in Brooklyn (Take the F Train from Manhattan). If you can’t make it to Brooklyn, you can also see the art and make purchases through MF’s website at this link.

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