Museum of Arts and Design Presents: David Bowie, Artist

Beginning Monday May 9th, the Museum of Arts and Design will host David Bowie, Artist, a multi-platform retrospective re-framing Bowie’s daring, multi-discipline career as that of an artist working primarily in performance. From his roots in such performance-based practices as cabaret, mime and avant-garde theater, to Ziggy Stardust, his revolutionary tour that synthesized theater, music, and contemporary art into a rock spectacle, as well as his innovative video collaborations, and his work in cinema and theater, David Bowie, Artist presents Bowie as one of the most iconoclastic cultural producers of the 20th century.

David Bowie, Artist includes interactive kiosks as well as a film series showcasing Bowie’s flexible cinematic career, emphasizing the fact that he has enjoyed a layered, continually innovative and shifting body of work. David Bowie!

Multimedia kiosks will be on display on the 6th floor education center from May 9th – July 15th, 2011.

The Cinema Program (featuring Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, The Hunger and Last Temptation of Christ, among others) will run select Thursdays and Fridays from June 3rd – 30th, 2011. The Man Who Fell to Earth will be presented at the Film Forum from June 24th – July 7th.

For more information on the exhibit, David Bowie, Artist visit MAD Museum Dot Org at This Link.

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