Opera Gallery Presents Streets of the World

Streets Of The World Invite

From LA to London and beyond, so many cities around the world embrace a thriving and vibrant Street Art scene. Leave it to Opera Gallery (with its global presence) to realize that it just makes sense to curate  a group show representing the artists of the world who never stop creating in innovative ways in an effort make sure that you never stop thinking about why things are the way they are. Because when you really get it, you know that Street Art isn’t just about creating a distraction, or making something that’s nice to look at; it’s about conveying a message.

Faile Fortune
Faile / Fortune (Click on any Image to Enlarge for Detail)

Streets of the World collects the work of 40 global contemporary  artists that have emerged from the Street Art Movement. A number of the participating artists, such as Banksy, Kenny Scharf and Os Gemeos, represent International Household Names of Street Artists. Others, including Ron English, Logan Hicks, and collectives The London Police and Trustocorp, exhibit regularly at Opera, so we were already familiar with, and fans of, their work. But many others were exciting  discoveries. Overwhelming new favorites are selected works by How and Nosm (from Germany), Interesni Kazki (Ukraine) and Spain’s Sixeart. There is so much to see at this exhibit, and Opera has accented every wall — including the stairwell and the entire basement space — with exciting paintings, sculptures and collage.

Ron English Star Skull Street
Ron English

Trustocorp Grocery Case
Trustocorp (One of 4 Featured Works by this Collective in the Show)

In fact, we took so many cool pictures at last Thursday’s opening, it was hard to select just a few for this post. Please hit the jump below to see more work from this Do Not Miss Exhibit!

Streets of the World will be on exhibit at the Opera Gallery, Located at 115 Spring Street in New York through May 30th, 2012.

See Tons more Photos, along with a Full list of Participating Artists and their Represented Regions, After the Jump!

Los Angeles: Augustine Kofie, David Choe, Saber

Detroit: Revok

Mark Jenkins Tough Time

Washington DC: Mark Jenkins

Baltimore: Logan Hicks

New York: Ron English, Swoon, Faile, Eric Haze, David Ellis, Trustocorp, Mare 139

London Police

The Netherlands: The London Police

Nick Walker Taj Mahal

UK: Banksy, Nick Walker, Paul Insect, Remi Rough

How & Nosm

Germany: Herakut, How and Nosm

Belgium: Roa

Blek le Rat

France: Blek Le Rat

Sixeart Pigeon

Spain: Hyuro, Liquen, Sixeart

Portugal: Vhils

b at Opera Gallery

Greece: b., Alexandros Vasmoulakis

Israel: Know Hope

Interesni Kazki Triptych

Ukraine: Interesni Kazki

China: DALeast

Japan: Aiko

Australia: Kid Zoom, Anthony Lister, Rone


Poland: M-City

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