Happy 10th Birthday, Worleygig.com!

10th Birthday Cake Zebra

Worley Gig Dot Com Celebrates Ten Years of Web Radness Today, June 10th, 2013! While The Gig started out simply as a place to aggregate and archive my laundry list of Rock Star Interviews and other online articles, it has grown through a full decade of web dominance to become one of the most fun and popular Pop Culture websites in the Blogosphere. Just last month we re-launched with a bold new design (we hope you are digging it) and are still in the process of making a few tweaks for your reading enjoyment. Be assured that we will continues to bring you all of the coverage you can possibly stand on Pop Culture, Music, Art, Lifestyle and Pinkness for years to come. While you are reading this, please take a few seconds to Follow Us On Instagram and Thanks for your Readership!

13 thoughts on “Happy 10th Birthday, Worleygig.com!”

  1. Happy 10th birthday Worley Gig! What a major accomplishment! I know first hand how much work goes into planning stories, writing them and posting them, so my hat is off to you. May the next 10 years bring massive financial success, new readers and tons of facebook likes! xoxoxo

    1. Agreed! Congratulations Gailee!!!! Amazing work! Love your shares and your many fantabulously fun adventures and insights! Cheers to a new cool decade of Worleygigging Successes & FUN!

  2. 10 years is serious business! My blog is half the age of yours, and I totally understand how much effort it takes to keep it alive. 10 years is amazing – To 10 more, WorleyGig! Thanks for all the entertainment throughout my work days!

  3. Congratulations Worleygig! Here’s to another ten years (if blogs are still around in ten years and we’re not all absorbing social media through our skin).

  4. Ten years ago, I sat at my window-washer’s office and said unto the command line apachectl graceful, and there it was… Congratulations for a decade of rad pinkness!

  5. Congrats Gaaaaiiiiillllll ! You are as rad as you are talented. Here’s to 10 more years. Bring back the Top 10 lists!! 🙂

  6. No one has your deliciously unique spin on life, food, music and art. I love you and your Gig. Long may it whirl (Worl). x

  7. Congrats, Gig! In just six more years you’ll be old enough (in many southern states) to date me. So, can I go ahead and get your number now? (It takes me a while to program my flip phone.)

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