Teresita Fernández Presents Fata Morgana Art Installation in Madison Square Park

Fata Morgana
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Mad. Sq. Art, the free, contemporary art program of Madison Square Park Conservancy, is currently hosting Fata Morgana an impressive, immersive installation by New York-based artist Teresita Fernández. This is the Conservancy’s largest and most ambitious outdoor sculpture to date.

Madison Square Park

The outdoor sculpture, which consists of 500 running feet of golden, mirror-polished discs that create canopies above the pathways around the Park’s central Oval Lawn, will be on view in Madison Square Park though through Winter 2015-16.

Fata Morgana Entry

In nature, a Fata Morgana the name for a horizontal mirage that forms across the horizon line. Alluding to this phenomenon, Fernández’s project introduces a shimmering horizontal element to the Park that will engage visitors in a dynamic experience. The installation is a mirror-polished, golden metal sculpture that hovers above the Park’s winding walkways to define a luminous experiential passage for Park visitors.

Fata Morgana  Reflection

The metal forms, perforated with intricate patterns reminiscent of foliage, create abstract flickering effects as sunlight filters through the canopy, casting a golden glow across the expanse of the work, paths, and passersby. The project is Mad. Sq. Art’s first to fully utilize the upper register of a visitor’s space. It’s really quite beautiful.

Fata Morgana

Fata Morgana

Fata Morgana Overhead View

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  1. And what a perfect time of year for this lovely installation, providing beauty and shade in the Park.

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