Product Review: AmourCBD, the 1st FDA Registered CBD Cream

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CBD products for pain relief are more popular than ever,  for the simple reasons that they are both highly effective and readily available. But not all CBD creams and topical treatments are created equal; many commercial CBD products are of sub-standard quality. Produced in unregulated factories, these creams and salves may contain adulterating substances, including trace amounts of THC and other undesirable chemicals from hemp grown in foreign countries with questionable farming practices. The good news  is that there’s now a high-quality alternative line of CBD products on the market.

Just in time for National CBD Day (August 8th) I’ve been introduced to AmourCBD, the first FDA registered CBD cream, made from the best quality and medical-grade ingredients. Most importantly, AmourCBD products contain no THC, the psychoactive substance in cannabis and, to a lesser extent, in hemp, which means it’s safe to use and safe to travel with.

Since the onset of the pandemic, CBD has been my treatment of choice for my chronic joint pain, which usually only responds to physical therapy plus oral analgesics. I’ve tried a number of CBD salves, which are all very effective, but I find that they often feel greasy or waxy when applied, and don’t necessarily absorb well into the skin. If you’re applying the product near your hairline, or are concerned about staining your clothing, this can be a drag.

What I love most about AmourCBD cream is its completely non-greasy texture, which absorbs quickly into the skin like lotion. Fantastic! This cream is also odorless so that it will not leave a medicinal smell on you or clash with your perfume.

No matter where you are hurting, just a small amount applied and massaged into sore muscles brings noticeable, effective relief within a few seconds — much faster than waiting for Advil to take effect. The pain continues to dissipate for a few minutes until it ‘slips into the background,’ so to speak, allowing you to continue with whatever you were doing, as if the pain were never there. If you suffer from any kind of chronic muscle or joint pain, I cannot recommend AmourCBD cream highly enough.

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