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Is Kratom Legal In Vancouver? Here’s All You Need To Know

matcha powder on a spoon
Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich on Pexels.com

Growing in the green forests of Southeast Asia is a tree known as Mitragyna speciosa, from which we get a herbal substance called the kratom extract. These trees grow very tall, reaching 25 m, and produce long leaves, the primary source of kratom products. There are many kratom strains, and the red maeng da strain is widely recognized as the most potent. You can buy kratom from HappygoLeafy for the best quality.

For many reasons, the extract is banned in several countries, like Myanmar, Malaysia, New Zealand, and many others. The legality of the extract in China and many African nations are still being determined. We will discuss, is kratom legal in Vancouver, Canada, and whether people from other countries can buy the extract in Canada.  Let’s get started. Continue reading Is Kratom Legal In Vancouver? Here’s All You Need To Know

Product Review: AmourCBD, the 1st FDA Registered CBD Cream

amour cbd cream photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

CBD products for pain relief are more popular than ever,  for the simple reasons that they are both highly effective and readily available. But not all CBD creams and topical treatments are created equal; many commercial CBD products are of sub-standard quality. Produced in unregulated factories, these creams and salves may contain adulterating substances, including trace amounts of THC and other undesirable chemicals from hemp grown in foreign countries with questionable farming practices. The good news  is that there’s now a high-quality alternative line of CBD products on the market.

Just in time for National CBD Day (August 8th) I’ve been introduced to AmourCBD, the first FDA registered CBD cream, made from the best quality and medical-grade ingredients. Most importantly, AmourCBD products contain no THC, the psychoactive substance in cannabis and, to a lesser extent, in hemp, which means it’s safe to use and safe to travel with.

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Movie Review: Stink!

Stink Animated Movie Poster

The plots of many horror films, both modern and classic, often center on the tragic fate of individuals who take an interest in suspicious matters where their attention is neither wanted nor welcome. And while things rarely, if ever, work out well for the protagonists of those films, a provocative new documentary entitled Stink! aims to benefit, potentially, every consumer on the planet by revealing hidden truths about carcinogenic chemical ingredients contained in an innumerable list of products that we all eat, wear and put on our bodies every day. The cosmetic industry, the film points out, is especially lacking in federal regulation. It isn’t at all unlikely that the Chanel No 5 cologne that you spray on your body contains some of the same ingredients as your toilet bowl cleaner. Are you horrified? You will be by the time you’re about 20 minutes into Stink!
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Pink Thing of the Day: Darvon

Say goodbye to Darvon, the once-popular painkiller. The FDA is pulling it from the market “because it can cause fatal heart rhythms.” RIP Darvon. You were never quite strong enough to overcome my tolerance, but at least you tried.