Highlights From The Affordable Art Fair, Fall 2021!

lustre gallery booth photo by gail worley
Lustre Contemporary Gallery of Canada Was Among the Exhibitors at the Fall ’21 AAF (All Photos By Gail)

While the NYC edition of  our favorite biannual art event, the Affordable Art Fair, reemerged from its Covid-imposed hiatus in the spring of this year, the fair’s fall edition (which took place over four days in late September) showed a significant return to form. Not only has the fair increased the number of exhibitors to again fill the second floor of their space at the Metropolitan Pavilion, but the sponsored open bar was back as well! Most importantly, the variety of unique artworks for sale has taken a step up. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite pieces!

loving pears pink photo by gail worley

You know I’m a sucker for anything pink, so I was instantly charmed by Loving Pears (Pink) by Cat Sirot ($8,000) spotted  at Galerie L’ Atelier of NYC.

curvy delight photo by gail worley

This colorful abstract, Curvy Delight ($1500) by Jose M. Fontaiña reminds me of a martini with an olive in it. Jose is represented by Priscilla Fowler Fine Art Gallery in Las Vegas.

art by simon vargas photo by gail worley

Simon Vargas specializes in surreal representations of extravagantly-dressed women amid fantasy scenarios who have flowers or fruit in place of a head. Visit him online for more works and prices at Simon Vargas Art.

suppe nummer 29 by miguel vallinas photo by gail worley

Continuing on with the surreal, it was fun to discover a series of archival photographic prints by Miguel Vallinas at the booth for NYC’s Van Rensburg Galleries. Pictured above is Suppe Nummer 29, and below is Suppe Nummer 13 (all images are issued in limited editions of 25 and prices vary by print size).

suppe nummer 13
sleeping beauty photo by gail worley

Arguably my favorite piece at the fair was this whimsical painting entitled Sleeping Beauty ($3500), by Australian artist Vanessa Stockard, also at Van Rensburg Galleries. I could look at this one for hours.

swanson order by bronwyn whittle photo by gail worley

Here’s a fun abstract geometric painting by Brooklyn-based Irish artist Bronwyn Whittle. She calls this cubist breakfast Swanson Order ($800), and I am guessing the title is a reference to this popular meme right here.

space oddity david bowie bydavid hollier photo by gail worley

This would not be a proper AAF recap if it did not include at least one artwork influenced by the late great David Bowie. Space Oddity (David Bowie) ($2200) by David Hollier is one of the better ones — and the price includes the vintage typewriter!

space oddity david bowie by david hollier photo by gail worley

As you can see, Bowie’s face (from the Aladdin Sane album cover) is comprised of lyrics to his popular song “Space Oddity.” Hollier is represented by the New Apostle Gallery in Westchester.

marion by cesar baez photo by gail worley

Also spotted at New Apostle is this very Halloween-appropriate digital collage called Marion ($1000) by Cesar Baez. This piece is really a steal as the price include the elaborate frame. Love it.

navi by alexander berezovchuc photo by gail worley

Let’s feature another skull, shall we? This is Navi ($2700) a beautiful blue work of glazed ceramic by Alexander Berezovchuc, found at Lysenko Gallery of London.

life by henrik abedian photo by gail worley

This is great, isn’t it? The piece is call Life ($3900) by Henrik Abedian, spotted at Connect Contemporary of Atlanta.

bubble gum pink fluo ghost photo by gail worley

Believe it or not, this is not by Invader. It’s Bubble Gum Pink Fluo Ghost ($1920) by Mike Pelland, found at Artêria Gallery in Canada.

sprinkle feast by liv antonecchia photo by gail worley

Do you like Donuts? I sure do. Sprinkle Feast ($540 for the 9-Piece Set) by Liv Antonecchia, has zero calories but is maybe a bit hard on the teeth. At the Miller Gallery, Charleston, SC.

small besame splatter photo by gail worley

Small Bésame Splatter ($850) is part of the Bésame series of pouty lips by Angela Chrusiaki Blehm. Very collectible! She is also represented by the Miller Gallery, in Charleston.

pharaoh hippo photo by gail worley

If you need a bling thing (and who doesn’t) how about this bejeweled delight entitled Pharaoh Hippo ($9500) by Oleg Kedria at VK Gallery in the Netherlands.

popsicles by betsy enzensberger photo by gail worley

Works by one of my very favorite contemporary sculptors, Betsy Enzensberger, are always one of the great investments of the fair with her Popsicles ($300) available at Treat Gallery!

vacancy series photo by gail worley

Treat Gallery is also where you’ll find midcentury-inspired photography from the Vacancy Series ($430) by Matt Mele.

lustre gallery booth photo by gail worley
Lustre Contemporary Gallery Gets The Parting Shot!

Until next spring, Happy Arting!

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  1. I love Betsy Enzensberger’s work! Her popsicles are super cool and I love the colors. I actually interviewed her on my instagram live feed @artbaselandbeyond.

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