Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Spatulas Installation

pink spatulas photo by gail worley
Photos By Gail

With the booming popularity of Instagram-Influencer-Selfie-Farms such as the Museum of Illusions and Immersive Van Gogh taking up space everywhere, it’s expected that folks have forgotten completely about The Egg House, which was open from April through June of 2018 in NYC. The Egg House was an immersive, fantasy pop-up space that took visitors inside the home of an anthropomorphic Egg named Ellis.  It was in Ellis’s kitchen that one would encounter rows and rows of Millennial Pink Spatulas (and the occasional wire whisk) suspended from the ceiling.

egg house kitchen photo by gail worley

That eggshell in the foreground is a cleverly-disguised rocking chair! You have no idea how challenging it was to get photos free of smartphone-clutching influencers.

egg house kitchen photo by gail worley

See what I mean?

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