Idriss B’s Geometric Animal Sculptures Take Over Park Avenue

rexor the t rex photo by gail worley
All Photos and Story By Gail Worley

There’s some new wildlife prowling around the Park Avenue Malls between 34th and 38th Streets, but it’s no reason for alarm. These creatures — which range from Gorillas and Buffalos to a T Rex and Saber Tooth Tiger are part of a public art installation sponsored by Patrons of Park Avenue (POPA). French / Tunisian artist Idriss B has created a fantastical menagerie in his signature origami-like, polygonal style, which has taken up residence in the Murray Hill-adjacent neighborhood for a full year. Let’s meet some of them!

rexor the t rex photo by gail worley

Looking all ferocious in candy apple-red, Rexor the T Rex can be found on the south side of 34th Street.  He is my favorite of all the sculptures, but since he’s installed at a rather busy main intersection you need to be extra cautious when getting your photos up close! Fortunately, those sharp teeth are just for show.

baloo the bear photo by gailworley

Do you remember Baloo, the Bear from The Jungle Book? Here he is in bright pink, just relaxing in the grass at 35th Street. He’s got it made in the shade!

diego the sabertooth tiger photo by gail worley

Ooh, what big teeth you have! It’s Diego the Sabertooth Tiger who’s ready to pounce on you just across from Baloo at 35th Street. Tread lightly.

mojo the gorilla photo by gail worley

A bright yellow Mojo the Gorilla stands guard at 36th Street. Mojo wants you to take a selfie with him more than anything. Smile!

uris the buffalo photo by gail worley

Urus the Buffalo at 37th Street looks like he means business.

manny the mammoth photo by gail worley

Meet Manny the Mammoth, looking all parotitic in red, white and blue! Find him among the flower beds on the north side of 38th Street.

mojo2 the gorilla photo by gail worley

And here’s Mojo’s friend, Mojo2, keeping an eye on the lady in the red top (I suspect he thinks they might be related) at 38th Street, just south of Manny.

Idriss B’s Monumental Animal Sculptures were installed in February of this year and will be in place through February of 2023.

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