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Pink Thing of The Day: Retro Cocktail Tray With Pink Elephants

Vintage Cocktail Tray By Gail Worley
Photo By Gail

This vintage metal cocktail tray is absolute perfection and a dream to own for any fan of mid-century modern design! Embellished with a design of assorted Pink Cocktail Glasses and a boarder of prancing Pink Elephants, this 5 x 7-inch tray, officially known as  a “tip tray,” was originally sold in sets of four. Currently, lucky collectors can find them in stores that specialize in vintage pop culture collectibles, and on eBay and other auction sites.

Psychedelic Mural at City-As-School

Psychedelic Mural
Photo By Gail

I walked by the City-As-School alternative High School in lower Manhattan on the way to visit a friend in an adjacent office building, but had to stop and investigate the array of colorful, abstract walls murals decorating the school’s courtyard entry. This one, which shows an upside down elephant, a cat, and a dancing girl  amid a rather psychedelic background, is my favorite. I could not find the artist’s name on the mural or anywhere in the interwebs, so please leave any clues you might have as to his, or her, identity in the comments!

City-As-School is Located at 16 Clarkson St. (West of Varick) in New York City.

Big Bling in Madison Square Park

Big Bling
All Photos By Gail

Wednesday night was a beautiful night in the city; so warm and clear. It was not surprising to see so many people out in Madison Square Park, many of whom were not even in line for Shake Shack. Geoffrey and I had some time to kill before heading to an event in the neighborhood, so we ventured into the park to find the new resident public art project, which they have in the park every summer. Barely into the park’s east side at 24th Street we saw what looked like a giant elephant sculpture with big gold nose ring, just ahead to the west. “There it is,” we said in unison.

Big Bling 1
Big Bling

Big Bling is a public sculpture by American artist Martin Puryear (b. 1941). This forty-foot-tall work – the largest temporary piece he has created – is built of wood, the artist’s signature material, and a chain link fence. A shackle covered in gold leaf is anchored near the top of the structure.

Puryear has described Big Bling as “an event”; it is a short-term phenomenon. Through abstract means, he has crafted an on-going dialogue with history, art history, identity, and politics. Here, “Bling” – a slang term for flashy jewelry and accessories – is rooted in the urban youth, hip-hop and rap culture of the ‘90s.  It is exceptional for Puryear to summon contemporary vernacular in titling his work. The name of the artwork and its placement in the heart of Manhattan demonstrates his recognition that Big Bling is a reflection of the character and the inhabitants of dense urban environments.

Big Bling Detail
Big Bling Detail: It Reminds Me of an Ear

Big Bling Front Shot

Big Bling is part animal form, part abstract sculpture, and part intellectual meditation.

Do Not Climb Sign
Do Not Climb Big Bling

Big Bling 2

See Big Bling in Madison Square Park Through January of 2017!

Pink Thing of The Day: Chris Ahalt’s Blown Glass Balloon Animals

Glass Hippos and Elephant
All Photos By Gail

While I was at this year’s Architectural Digest Design Show, I saw and fell in love with so many cool and beautiful things, but never really had the time to distill the day’s many photos into a proper wrap up of the event as a whole. Fortunately, it’s never too late to find a way to feature some of a my favorite photos from the show; in this case, several items I saw in the booth hosted by Chesterfield Gallery, who specialize in fine glass art.

Pink Shiny Hippo

Hangry is a hand-blown glass hippopotamus affixed to a copper wire with a steel base, and it’s part of American glass artist Chris Ahalt’s balloon animal series.

Pink Glass Elephant

There is a cool Pink Elephant also.

Light Pink Hippo

And another Pink Hippo, who seems less “hangry.”

Chesterfield Glass Art is Based in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Corey Helford Gallery Presents Ron English’s NeoNature Exhibit at New Space in Downtown LA!

Zelephant (All Photos By Gail)

While I was in LA for Christmas, I had the chance to not only have a VIP experience at the new Broad Museum (more about that in a future post) but also got to visit the nearby new location of the Corey Helford Gallery, which just re-opened in early December! Corey Helford’s new gallery is massive — seven times larger than the original space — and boasts three separate galleries, each of which can house individual artist and group exhibitions. The main gallery, where you will find Ron English’s incredible show, NeoNature: We Are The New They, takes up 4,500 square feet, offering total immersion for attendees. And considering the size of NeoNature’s paintings and sculptures that is saying something!

Installation View
Two Ton Sam with Installation View


NeoNature examines the art of evolution, the flaw that propels civilization, as the mutation of the ordinary stubbornly conjures new worlds. Ron English’s mutant creations — some a hybrid of nature and technology — are fascinating, thought provoking, and always very, very beautiful and awe-inspiring to behold.


Union Jack Tiger
Union Jack Tiger

We were lucky to have the entire gallery almost to ourselves on the afternoon of our visit, which made getting clear, people-free photos very easy! Yay!

Little Green Sprout

I couldn’t find the name of this little guy on the CHG website, so I am calling him Little Green Sprout.

Mousemask Murphy in Airplane
Mousemask Murphy in Airplane

All of the large sculptures are available to purchase in limited editions of 30 pieces per work.

StarSkull Walking Stick
StarSkull Walking Stick

There are two of the StarSkull Walking Stick sculptures in the gallery, which stand like silent sentries on either side of the room, and they are very imposing in size!

Flintstones Origin Story
Flintstones Origin Story

Cathy Cowgirl Pink
Cathy Cowgirl – Pink

Fat Tony
Fat Tony

Monarch Ship
Monarch Ship

Bigfoot Family
Bigfoot Family Tableau

The exhibit also includes two tableau installations, which are a bit hidden behind a wall. Fortunately, a very friendly member of the gallery staff tipped us off!

European Camo Doe and Stag
European Camo Doe and Stag Tableau

Ron English Shot Glass

He also gave us a couple of these cool shot glasses, which were left over from the exhibit’s opening reception. Sweet!

Ron English’s NeoNature: We Are The New They will be on Exhibit only Through January 9th, 2016 at Corey Helford Gallery, Located at 571 South Anderson Street, Los Angeles, CA 90033. Get directions, and gallery hours, at This Link!

Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Elephant Statue on Flatbed Truck

Pink Elephant
Photo By Gail

While I’m not crazy about the fact that this post is basically an advertisement for whatever store is now located at the above Madison Avenue address, I could not resist snapping a photo of this awesome Pink Elephant Statue as I passed the shops along Antique Row on South Broadway late one Saturday evening. If you look closely, you’ll also see what looks like a stone or cement Alligator sculpture, which would be fun to own. It just goes to show you that you should always have your camera at the ready when you go out for a stroll in NYC.

Update: I saw this same statue — or one identical to it —  on September 11th, 2016 in front of this antiques store on Bowery just above Houston.

Pink Elephant

Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Elephant Hot Air Balloon

Pink Elephant Balloon
Image Source

Wouldn’t you like to take a ride in this thing? I sure would!