Eye On Design: Alberto Guardiani’s Lipstick Heel Pumps

lipstick heel shoes photo by gail worley
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Would you pay $400 for a lipstick? No way! How about $400 for high heels? Well, maybe. Luxury footwear brand Alberto Guardiani, founded in 1940 by brothers Luigi and Dino Guardiani, initially manufactured men’s shoes under the Nuova Centauro brand  (which still exists). Alberto, the son of Dino, took over the business in 1972 and the brand is now one of the leading Italian manufactures of shoes and accessories. Two of fashion’s sexiest accessories – red lipstick and black high heels – come together for their remarkable Lipstick Heel Pumps collection.

lipstick heel shoes photo by gail worley

Launched in 2010, this iconic style of black patent leather pump with an interchangeable red lipstick heel continued to be a best seller into 2013. These days, you can find them on a variety of secondary resale platforms like Poshmark.

No matter what type of outfit you pair these glamorous shoes with, you are sure to make a statement.

lipstick heel shoes by alberto guardian photo by gain worley

Photographed in the Museum at FIT as Part of the Exhibit  Shoes: Anatomy, Identity, Magic, on View Through December 31st, 2022

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