Eye On Design: Misha Kahn Brûle River Sofa

misha kahn brule river sofa photo by gail worley
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I always say that if I had a huge house (and limitless cash), I’d furnish it with pieces that look like they were lifted out of a cartoon acid trip. That said, I think this brightly colored, amorphous sofa designed by Misha Kahn ticks all the boxes.

Misha Kahn has emerged as one of the leading creative voices of his generation. Through a wildly imaginative approach that embraces spontaneity and non-conformity, Kahn allows the illogical and the irreverent to take over his entire process.

brule river sofa photo by gail worley

Kahn employs everything from lo-fi and ad hoc techniques —such as improvisational molds and collage — to high-tech tools including virtual reality and robotics. Unafraid to push boundaries, the designer is determined to question the accepted way of doing things, driving him to self-invent, adapt, and further processes in a myriad of mediums including metalwork, glass, wood, textiles, ceramic, bronze casting, fiberglass, and cement. Voracious to upend traditional techniques, he embraces the opportunity to learn from masters in their respective crafts.

brule river sofa photo by gail worley

This curvy, colorful sofa, entitled Brûle River, is molded from wool and stainless steel, and measures 38.5  x 111.5  x 54.5 inches. Kahn designs his objects by hand — with the help of the aforementioned virtual-reality software and robotics —creating an interplay between the analog and the digital to create a fun, organic shape. Your Price: $60,000.

Photographed in the Friedman Benda Gallery Booth at The Salon Art and Design in New York.

brule river sofa photo by gail worley

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