Product Review: Pepita Egg Plant-Based Egg Substitute

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Do you like eggs? I sure do. Just lately, people are talking a lot about eggs as an example of an everyday food with a hugely inflated price. Yawn City. What goes up must come down, I say. Instead let’s talk about Pepita Egg, a fun and delicious new vegan Egg alternative from Spero Foods, which I will be reviewing for you today. You’re welcome.

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Spero Foods is a plant-based dairy company on a mission to make dairy and egg alternatives the same price as animal products while maintaining clean, simple ingredients, nutrition, and delicious flavor, all using advancements in food technology. They make a variety of foods that are perfect choices not only for people who are lactose intolerant, but for those who may have related food allergies or anyone who simply prefers not to eat animal products. Any reason is a good rest to give them try.

Their newest offering, Pepita Egg, just hit store shelves in December and they sent me a few bottles to try at home. So far, I am loving the good taste, versatility and convenience of this product. Pepita Egg’s main ingredient is green pepita seeds — or pumpkin seeds — plus seasonings, mushroom extract, a natural coloring, and a natural preservative called Nisin. There are no artificial gums that you may find in other egg-alternatives, and the product is allergen-free and cholesterol-free as well, so you can feel good about serving it to your family.

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Using one-quarter cup of Pepita Egg to one-egg ratio, I decided to start off by making myself a cheesy scramble for breakfast. Here’s how  that went.

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I usually make two eggs at a time, so I measured out one half-cup, after shaking the bottle well, as directed.  Next, heat your oiled, non-stick skillet for a few minutes over medium-low heat, before adding the Pepita Egg, so you get a little sizzle when it hits the hot pan. On my first venture I used olive oil, but later switched to non-stick cooking spray, which seemed to work better for me at keeping Pepita Egg from sticking to the pan while cooking. Your mileage may vary.

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It is recommend that you cook Pepita Egg, low and slow, but it does cook faster than the 5 to 7 minutes suggested to get it to “set.” I’d say within three minutes the Pepita Egg looked like this, and then it’s time to move it around in the pan, or “scramble” it, until there’s no liquid left.

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Honestly, if you’ve ever scrambled an egg before in your life, it’s virtually idiot-proof, so don’t let it intimidate you. You can add cheese or chopped vegetables or your favorite ingredients while it cooks. Let your imagination be your guide, or get some recipes here.

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Et Voila! I just grated some cheese on top and tossed on a dash of Parma, but additional seasoning really isn’t necessary — it tastes great as-is. The cooked Pepita Egg will have a soft-scrambled texture and a mustard-yellow color, but other than that it tastes like real eggs. Yummy!

Find out more about Pepita Egg and other Spero Foods products at  This Link!

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