Eye On Design: Domus Aurea Cabinet By Roberto G. Rida

domus aurea cabinet photo by gail worley
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It seems that we are just finally getting started with sharing the many “Oh, Wow” moments of the 2022 Salon Art + Design, but fortunately there is never any rush. This week, we’re excited to feature the architecturally-inspired Domus Auraa Cabinet by Italian master Roberto G. Rida. It is a thing of beauty indeed.

A unique piece, Domus Aurea (2018) is a wooden, two-door cabinet covered with white opaline glass — glass work being one of Rida’s areas of expertise.

domus aurea cabinet interior photo by gail worley

The gilded interior is covered with gold leaf and contains four deep shelves for stashing all of your nice things. Dimensions in inches are  71.6 H x  32.6 W x  21.6 D. A true work of art, the cabinet is signed “R.G. Rida” on the back. Send pricing and availability inquiries to contact@maison-rapin.com.

maison rapin booth installation view photo by gail worley
Maison Rapin Booth Installation View

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